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Top 30 E-Commerce Studio Professionals 2024 -
“People’s Choice” Voting will open on May 29th!

What the project is about:

The Top 30 E-Commerce Studio Professionals is back for the 2nd edition! We have received over 100 nominations from all over the World and are carefully reviewing them.

On May 29th, the jury and “People’s Choice” voting will kick off! So stay tuned for the announcements and get ready to vote for your favorite creative professionals.

How To Vote:

Select up to 5 of your favorite nominees using the form below.

For your convenience, the list of nominees is split into 5 sections in alphabetical order by first name: A-B, C-F, G-J, K-M, N-V.

At the end of the form, click the “Submit” button to submit your vote.


Studio Leader

The True Leaders. They might be at the Executive Level or a newly appointed Studio Manager, but what makes them stand out is their focus on the team and ability to balance business needs and demands with talent growth and development. They drive innovation and motivate their studio crew to be better professionals every day. Who is the leader you admire? Nominate them and bring them the well-deserved recognition they deserve!

Photography Maven

They can turn any brief into reality in one shot. They know all the secrets of lighting and are ready to capture stunning content at any time, in any condition, anywhere in the world (though mostly at the studio). It's time to give credit where credit is due - nominate your photographers, photography team leads, and managers because, at the end of the day, this industry is nothing without their talent!

Production Hero

Production and Operations masters are the ones who make things happen. Their work behind the scenes allows the creatives to shine and do their best work without having to worry about the logistics, tech, scheduling, and other details that can make or break the shoot day. Who is your Production Hero? It's time to put them in the spotlight and let the world know about their talent!

Creative Genius

Creative and Art Directors, Brand Creatives, and everyone else who works day and night to come up with stunning ideas that make a difference. Thanks to them, we get to create eye-catching visuals and experience the power of creative content. Nominate your Creative Talent and make sure to include examples of their work!

Future Leader

Do you know someone who is just at the start of their career but whose talent, curiosity, and dedication are unmatched? Do you believe they will be the ones driving the industry forward in the next few years? Regardless of their current role, nominate them in this category and put them in the spotlight among the industry's best and brightest!

Jury Panel

Emily Morris

Studio Manager


Perrie Schad

Creative Operations Consultant

Perrie Schad Consulting

Julie Linz

Post-production Manager

Stitch Fix

Tracey Woods

Director of Photography

The Luupe

Matt Brasier

Creative Product Director - Ecommerce


Juliana Vail

Senior Director of Emerging Technology,

Creative Force

Ryan Roberts

Customer Success Director NA