Flow 2024

FLOW Local:

February 28th, 2024
|   6pm - 10pm
Balfour St Barts, West Smithfield
Flow 2024

Exclusive event for e-commerce photo and video production professionals

What To Expect At FLOW Local?

FLOW Local is a meetup designed to bring together the local e-commerce creative community for a fun and educational evening. You can expect:

  • Meeting old colleagues and friends as well as making new industry connections
  • Interactive discussions on a hot industry topic
  • Music, drinks and delicious food! And an afterparty that will probably last way past midnight…
Flow 2024


  • 6 pm - check-in, chat & chill
  • 7 pm - interactive discussion
  • 8 pm - chat, enjoy and party!
  • 10 pm - end of the event
Flow 2024


Balfour St Barts
66 W Smithfield
London EC1A 9DY
United Kingdom

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FLOW Local Is Like


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Drop us a line at events@pixelz.com and we will be more than happy to help.