Photo Editing Service Pricing

Choose the turnaround time, retouching features, and pricepoint that make the most sense for you.

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Turnaround Time


Image Price From

$1.45 C$1.90 £1.05 €1.30 9,- 12,50 11,50

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Monthly Subscription

$7 C$9 £5 €6 44,- 59,- 55,- $9 C$12 £7 €8 55,- 75,- 70,-

For Solopreneurs in startup mode who are getting ready to grow. Get batches of images edited professionally using a self-service online interface.
Guaranteed daily capacity: 50 images.



Turnaround Time

Next morning

Image Price From

$0.95 C$1.35 £0.75 €0.85 6,25 8,75 8,25

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Monthly Subscription

$75 C$89 £55 €59 479,- 639,- 599,- $95 C$119 £69 €79 599,- 799,- 759,-

For busy retailers who are looking to take their products to market faster. Upload by midnight and receive delivery by 9:00 a.m. (your time). Expedite to get images back in 3 hours or less.
Guaranteed daily capacity: 200 images.



Turnaround Time

From 3h

Image Price From

Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom

Monthly Subscription

$1,995 C$2,495 £1,395 €1,595 11.995,- 15.995,- 14.995,- $1,995 C$2,495 £1,395 €1,595 11.995,- 15.995,- 14.995,-

For high volume brands, retailers, and photo studios who need to scale. Enjoy a completely custom—and technology based-retouching experience with the industry leader.
Guaranteed daily capacity: Custom.

  • Self-service platform

    The foundation of your Pixelz account: an intuitive web app for communicating editing requirements, placing orders, reviewing quality, ordering re-edits and much more.
  • Background removal

    Removing the background from product images makes them consistent, removes distractions, and lowers file size. AKA cut-outs, etching, silhouettes.
  • Cropping / Alignment

    Crop to aspect ratios, exact pixel dimensions, or relative to product placement in the canvas. Align your product consistently within frame, and set margins to pad it.
  • Essential Editing

    All the standard editing you need for eCommerce: background removal, alignment & straightening, cropping, resizing, compression, file format, color profile, DPI, file size, meta-data and watermarks.
  • Marketplace presets

    Need to comply with marketplace image rules? No sweat. Choose from our extensive library of marketplace presets and we'll do the rest. Includes ebay, Amazon, Google Shopping and many more.
  • Multiple outputs

    Need different image versions for different channels or departments? Upload a set of images and get multiple versions of each one back. You get an 80% discount on all additional outputs.
  • Instructions tool

    A simple, intuitive tool to communicate your requirements to our editors.
  • Rejection tool

    Editing not quite right? Use our rejection tool to draw directly on the image and write your comments to explain what you'd like to be done differently.
  • Email support

    Reach out to our support staff for assistance during working hours.
  • Basic retouch

    Basic cleanup retouch package for removal of general imperfections dust, dirt, fluff, pins, scratches, fingerprints etc.
  • Free Additional Users

    Delegate account control with powerful permissions.
  • Professional retouch

    Pick from product-specific retouch packages refined while producing millions of images for elite photo studios around the world.
  • Color matching access

    Accurate colors increase customer trust and reduce returns. Use the color matching feature to have our editors tune in product colors using a reference swatch or image.
  • 3 Hour Expedite

    Need an image or order urgently? Click a button and get it back in three hours or less.
  • Extension store

    Customize and extend your experience by enabling additional features like Colorways, Image Library, and Markup.
  • Production reports

    Total transparency and accountability. Detailed charts help you track your usage and our performance.
  • Live order status

    See exactly where your images are in our production system and how much time was spent on each production step.
  • Custom retouch

    Retouching tailored to your exact requirements.
  • Custom onboarding

    Our onboarding team of photography consultants and graphic designers will work with you to optimize style guides and workflows.
  • Account manager

    A dedicated account manager to provide support, training and respond to your needs on a daily basis.
  • 24/7 Skype support

    Need to communicate urgent requirements in the middle of the night? No problem. Talk to our dedicated Enterprise support team via Skype at any time.
  • Service level agreement

    A Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures your deadlines and expectations are met. Get what you’re promised, when you’re promised, with total transparency at the macro and micro level.

Image Price Estimation Calculator

Essential Editing

Base price covers all the standard editing you need for eCommerce: background removal, alignment & straightening, cropping, resizing, compression, file format, color profile, DPI, file size, meta-data and watermarks.

Image Price From

$1.45 C$1.90 £1.05 €1.30 9,00 kr. 12,50 kr. 11,50 kr.
Optional Add-ons

Image Price Estimation Calculator

Essential Editing

Base price covers all the standard editing you need for eCommerce: background removal, alignment & straightening, cropping, resizing, compression, file format, color profile, DPI, file size, meta-data and watermarks.

Image Price From

$0.95 C$1.35 £0.75 €0.85 6,25 kr. 8,75 kr. 8,25 kr.
Optional Add-ons

Software Extensions


$19 C$25 £15 €19 129,- 179,- 169,- $25 C$35 £19 €25 165,- 225,- 215,- /month

Image combination for multi-packs, color options, and assortment bundles; choose from predesigned layouts, or create your own.

Image Library

$19 C$25 £15 €19 129,- 179,- 169,- $25 C$35 £19 €25 165,- 225,- 215,- /month

Dynamic image collections, custom storage timing, and advanced search builder.

Not available on Solo


$19 C$25 £15 €19 129,- 179,- 169,- $25 C$35 £19 €25 165,- 225,- 215,- /month

Recolor or color match images from a swatch library, by Pantone color, or RGB value; automate with metadata or file name, or use an on online interface.

Not available on Solo


$29 C$39 £25 €29 239,- 339,- 319,- $45 C$55 £35 €45 295,- 425,- 395,- /month

Give instructions visually by drawing on an image in your browser, with color coded highlighting and comments.

Not available on Solo

Why Pixelz Is The Right Fit For You

  • History

    We have been where you are now, searching for a product image editing solution that can scale with seasonal needs, maintain consistent quality, and turn images around in a blink. When we couldn't find it, we built it -- now you benefit from a solution made directly in response to decades of eCommerce experience.

  • Approach

    Your product, imagery, and business are unique. Reflect that by selecting one of our flexible services to optimize your workflow. Product managers and responsive support are designed to keep our technology evolving in the most helpful possible way.

  • Culture

    Give us a call: we enjoy building genuine relationships. Local support, an e-commerce background, and pride in our work make communication easy and doing business fun. Our corporate social responsibility policies create equal opportunity employment at all our offices worldwide.

  • Method

    Get images delivered when and where you need them using the web, FTP, custom workflows, or API integration. Proprietary S.A.W.™ digital lean production technology gives you unprecedented consistency, quality, and turnaround times.

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You’ll Be In Good Company

Will you retouch my pet, portrait, real estate, or wedding photos?

Nope. No matter how beautiful your dog/spouse/home is, we only edit product images. That means e-commerce imagery.

Can I pause my subscription?

Of course! It’s the nature of product photography to be seasonal. You can pause your subscription manually or we will Auto-Pause your subscription after inactivity for 1 billing cycle. When your subscription is paused we will drop the monthly fee to $4 USD and retain all your specifications and order history, to be reactivated next season.

Do I pay monthly and per-image?

Yes. The monthly subscription pays for access to the online system and service levels described above. You then pay per image submitted for retouching. Customers on our SOLO and PROFESSIONAL plans pay per order, while Enterprise and API customers have the option of consolidated monthly invoicing.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Per image pricing is reduced each time you upgrade plans. If you have consistent volume in the hundreds of images per month, you will quickly see cost-savings by upgrading from SOLO to PRO. If you need more than 100,000 images retouched per year, you may be a good candidate for our ENTERPRISE plan.

How does the free trial work?

The free trial covers both plan subscription and image editing. For PROFESSIONAL, you get 14 days to try out the software and retouch 10 images for free. Once your trial runs out, you can either subscribe or you will be downgraded to SOLO.

How do you define "Next Morning?"

For PROFESSIONAL customers, if your images are submitted by midnight your time, they will be returned by 9:00 a.m. the next morning (Monday through Friday). If you need images even faster, PROFESSIONAL customers have an "Expedite" button that will get images back in three hours or less for an additional fee.