Editorial Retouching

Simplify Your Workflow, Elevate Your Images

Fashion editorial photo of a female model with high-end retouching

Tell Your Story - We’ll Handle The Retouching

Every brand has a story to tell. What makes that story memorable and a brand unique, is the aesthetic. With Pixelz Editorial Retouching, we want to bring your story to life by removing the heavy lifting of high-end retouching and giving you the ability to scale your editorial photography and production. A combination of an innovative platform and a highly experienced team of retouchers means you will always be ready for the next campaign!

We’ll Handle The Retouching

Simplify Your Workflow, Not The Content

We created an approach to workflows that dives much deeper into the nuance of your editorial image retouching needs. Our approach to custom workflows utilizes processes from our automated e-commerce workflows that we’ve spent the last 10 years perfecting.

Working with our team, we’ll build you a custom workflow. Whether that’s handling the prep work for your in-house team or taking the images all the way through to the final, or somewhere in between. We’ll be there every step of the way to create the workflow that meets your needs.

Industry Experts On Your Side

With a Local Customer Success Manager and dedicated Brand Ambassadors at Pixelz, you’ll be able to communicate all your brand goals and aesthetics to the retouching team every step of the way. And our Specialized Creative Retouching Team includes the best of the best photo editors that have extensive experience in high-end photo retouching.

How it all works:

  • Discovery consultations with your Brand Ambassador and Customer Success Manager
  • We build a custom workflow that plugs into your creative process
  • Our highly experienced retouchers get to work
  • Review and markup as needed in our platform
  • Delivery of your images
Fashion editorial photography of female model on steps in blue coat

Collaborate with your entire team in one platform

Experience Technology That Enhances Creativity

Often times we end up with a crowded screen of files, screenshots, and new software. With Pixelz Editorial Retouching, we’ve created one platform and service that can allow your entire team to collaborate and most importantly create!

With Pixelz Editorial you can:

  • Upload reference files
  • Add detailed notes and instructions
  • Markup in the platform
  • Review and proof every version of your image
  • Learn from our KPI and Insights dashboard
editorial retouching platform with markups on image

A Reinvented Proof

Leave behind the days of downloading multiple pdfs and working across multiple platforms and apps. We created a better way for you and your team to review and proof. Our Proofing system includes tools like color-coded markups and layering to compare image proofs. The best part is all revision rounds are all in one place so your entire team can stay up to date!

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