Combining photo editors with AI tools for reliable, professional photo retouching services

Professional retouching of e-commerce model image from waist up
Professional image editing of e-commerce model sitting down
Professional image editing of e-commerce model detail shot of pants
Photo retouching of ecommerce model image in denim jumpsuite

Why Use Pixelz?

Professional retouching services can:

  • Alleviate some of the tedious workloads from your in-house team. Leaving them to focus on creative and subjective retouching.
  • Help you scale when you need it. With our hybrid model of AI and professional retouchers at Pixelz, it’s easy for us to adjust to the fluctuations in your image volume.
  • Maintain the highest standards of quality and consistency across all product photos.
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The Power of AI Photo Retouching Services?

Many other professional retouching service providers rely exclusively on humans or AI.
The use of AI in professional retouching services doesn't guarantee quality. Most people familiar with AI tools know that results have to be checked by a human.

At Pixelz our photo editing services use hybrid workflows combining AI and professional photo editors to ensure speed, consistency, and quality.
When editing images with AI, it's perhaps obvious that not all will be acceptable. That's where human quality checks come in.

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Professionally retouched e-commerce model posing in an elevated style
Laptop open with screen displaying Pixelz Platform open to the retouching image settings

Build the Perfect Style Guide

Set up photo retouching style guides (we call them specifications inside of the platform) for each of your product categories. Whatever your photo retouching needs, we can help customize your style guides to ensure your final images adhere to your brand aesthetic. Our platform includes easy setup for image specifications or work with our experienced Customer Success Managers to fine-tune the details. Once finalized, all your style guides are saved in the platform for reference and future use because consistency is always key.

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Streamline Approvals

Review and markup images directly in the Pixelz Platform to move edited images through the approval process quickly and avoid bottlenecks. Our platform has built-in tools, including zoom, side-by-side view, and high-res views, so you no longer have to download each and every photo. All are built to save time during your review process. And did we mention we have a 99.7% first-time approval rating?

Laptop open with screen displaying Pixelz Image editing review screen
E-commerce model image in orange dress before professional image editing E-commerce model image in orange dress after professional image editing

Discover Hybrid Photo Retouching

Combining our AI (we built and trained it ourselves!) with highly skilled photo retouchers. Combining both methods allows us to provide a level of consistency in retouching in a shorter amount of time than traditional retouching. Because we can streamline the retouching process it also means we are better adept at handling fluctuations in your image volume.

Professional Photo Retouching Service Categories

No speck of dust shall be left behind! We take our photo retouching seriously that's why we've spent the last 10 years training AI to help us out. Let us show you what we can do with from hair to watch faces.

Before of e-commerce image editing of pink dress on hanger After of e-commerce image editing of pink dress on hanger


Every image needs a set of eyes to review for creases, wrinkles, alignment, and dust. Or edit out pins, tape or even fishing lines from those purse straps or high-heel straps. Consider us your professional clean-up crew!

Before of e-commerce image retouching of model in orange dress After of e-commerce image retouching of model in orange dress

Model & Skin

Stray hairs and skin imperfections are no match for our hybrid model of AI and professional retouchers. We've also got skin texture, skin blemishes, and skin tone covered if needed. Lock in your retouching standards and we’ll retouch to your brand guidelines.

White sneaker on white background with professional photo retouching White sneaker on white background with professional photo retouching


Fixing laces, flipping the shoe, adding a logo, or simply cleaning up. We have done it all with over 10 years of experience and millions of footwear images edited.

Professional photo retouching on sunglasses Professional photo retouching on sunglasses


With our standard sunglasses specification, it is easy to set image retouching guidelines that focus on removing unwanted reflections and imperfections and recreating details that should be visible through the lenses.

Professional photo retouching shown on a backpack Professional photo retouching shown on a backpack


Whether a tie, cufflinks, purse or jewelry, we can help you set up specifications that match your brand and make your product stand out. Including adding a shadow, reflection, and color correction.

You have questions, we have answers

Working with a post-production provider can often involve frustration, misunderstandings, and delays. And you want to get back to more creative work in the studio. A few easy steps will set you up to get thousands of product photos professionally edited every day!

A photo retouching service provides background removal, cropping, color correction, masking, and much more to photographers and studios. It can be of critical importance when it comes to product photos, making the product more attractive and eye-catching for potential customers and thereby boosting sales for e-commerce sites.

The main benefits that come from our retouching service are:

Enhanced Product Presentation: improving the visual appeal and quality of product photos. By retouching and enhancing the images, we help brands present their products in the best possible light, leading to increased customer engagement and sales.

Consistent Photo Editing: We ensure consistency across large volumes of product images. By applying consistent editing techniques and maintaining brand guidelines, we help studios and brands to maintain a cohesive visual identity and a professional image catalog.

Time and Cost Efficiency: Our photo retouching services help optimize workflow, saving our clients valuable time and resources.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: improving the customer experience for online stores by delivering accurately retouched photos that showcase products in their best light, photo retouching helps brands to build trust and loyalty among their customer base.

Yes. Pixelz is a photo editing company. We specialize in all types of photo editing and photo retouching for e-commerce businesses. This is where you'll find a complete list of our photo editing services.

Our photo retouching services can be used for a wide range of images, including e-commerce product photos, fashion and beauty images, jewelry photography, furniture and home decor pictures, and more. These services can cater to various industries and product categories.

The turnaround time for our services depends on the volume and complexity of the photos. We will provide an estimated time frame for completion when you place your order. It's important to consider factors like the number of photos, the level of retouching required, and any additional services you may have requested.

Detailed Briefing: we will work to your specific instructions, brand standards and requirements. This can include information on colors, textures, lighting, composition, and other brand-specific elements.

Style Guides: we will work with you to create or refer to existing style guides that outline your brand's visual identity. These guides typically include details about color palettes, typography, image styles, and other design elements that need to be adhered to.

Sample Images: using client-provided reference images as a benchmark, the retouching team can ensure consistency with the brand's desired style and aesthetic.

Feedback and Iteration: we offer a feedback loop where the client can review and provide feedback on the edited photos. This allows for any necessary adjustments or refinements to be made to ensure the final photos align with the brand.

The specific process may vary, but generally, you will need to upload your photos to our platform, provide instructions or guidelines for the post-production process, select the desired retouching options, and submit your order. Once received, our team will work on your photos, and you will receive the retouched photos within the specified timeframe.

We will provide instructions on how to upload your photos and provide specific guidelines. Typically, you can include written instructions or use visual references, such as sample photos or mood boards, to communicate your desired style and editing requirements.

We offer different levels of photo retouching, ranging from basic enhancements to more advanced retouching options. The specific level of retouching will depend on your chosen service package and any additional customization you request.

We accept commonly used image file formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and PSD.

Yes. Our core focus is to help e-commerce studio professionals beat deadlines by providing reliable, AI-powered retouching at scale.

We offer different pricing packages based on the level of photo retouching and additional services required. Factors affecting price include the complexity and number of photos and any specific customization, photo editing, or expedited delivery requests.

We will provide instructions on how to submit your images for retouching. Options include our online platform and uploading images through a secure FTP system.

Even More
Post-Production Services

Editorial Retouching

Also known as high-end retouching, this professional photo service combines an innovative platform with a highly experienced team of professional retouchers, so you will always be ready for the next campaign!

Flow Retouching

For high-volume studios, we can provide same-day delivery within 3 hours, sometimes even within 10 minutes, with Flow Retouching. Flow breaks from the traditional idea of batching and uses principles from lean manufacturing to structure our retouching workflows.

Video Retouching

With e-commerce video on the rise, building in video retouching to your existing workflows can be challenging. Streamline your video post-production by using the same platform for images as video. Find all your input files, and final videos, make corrections and review all in one platform with Pixelz.

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Customer Support

Our Pixelz Customer Success Managers work with professional studios to optimize their workflows and save countless hours and thousands of dollars per month. Seems too good to be true? We have over a dozen case studies with top studios in the e-commerce market - read them here.