Ask and ye shall receive.

  • Do you edit anything other than product images?

    No. However beautiful your portrait or cat may be, we only edit product images. That means photographs of something you're going to sell online.

  • What categories of product images do you edit?

    We edit any and all types of product images: apparel, accessories, jewelry, furniture, home goods, automotive, appliance, home improvement, you name it.

  • Who is Pixelz for?

    Pixelz is for brands, photo studios, and online retailers who want to optimize their product images for e-commerce. It's a service that allows you to scale, regardless of your image volume or experience. We service some of the leading brands in a wide range of categories, and we also serve boutique clients with just a handful of images. You don't have to be an expert; you just have to want to make your work life a little easier.

  • How much does it cost?

    Visit our Pricing page to get current pricing.

  • What image file types can I submit?

    You can upload JPG, PNG, TIFF, or PSD product images for editing.

  • What image file types can I get back?

    Edited product images can be returned as JPG, PNG, TIFF or PSD.

  • What kind of edits can you do to my images?

    A lot! To start with, we can edit or remove the background, adjust image dimensions, align your image, set margins, and retouch as needed. We can add shadows, adjust colors, create clipping paths, and create a 3-dimensional invisible mannequin effect.

  • Can I customize image editing?

    Of course! SOLO and Professional customers have extensive control using our order management system. Enterprise customers can create unique specifications and workflows by contacting us and speaking to an onboarding specialist.

  • Can I talk to someone?

    Of course! If you're an existing customer, we offer phone, chat, and email support. Log in to your account to contact support. If you're new, first off: awesome! You can contact us any time.

  • What kind of support do you offer?

    We have an extensive Knowledge Base and also offer email, chat, and phone support to existing customers.

  • How does the free trial work?

    The SOLO free trial gives you 7 free days to edit up to 3 images for free. The PRO free trial gives you 14 free days to edit up to 10 images for free. For both trials, you have full access to our system and experience Pixelz just like any other customer.

  • Who are you?

    We're Pixelz, it's nice to meet you! We're an international company founded by Danish e-commerce entrepenuers who got frustrated by post-production processing bottlenecks. We've edited over 40 million product images for over 35,000 customers since 2011. Read our story.

  • How long have you been in business?

    We were founded in 2011, and have edited over 40 million images for over 35,000 customers since then. Before Pixelz, our founders spent over a decade building a leading Danish eCommerce agency. Read our story.

  • Where are you located?

    We were founded in Denmark and have offices on four continents. Figuring out time zones for intra-office video conferencing isn't always easy, if you know what we mean.

  • Do you protect my intellectual property?

    Absolutely. All product images are treated confidentially and are permanently deleted after 30 days unless otherwise specified. Your personal data is never sold or shared with third parties.

  • How do I pay?

    SOLO customers purchase Pixelz credits online by credit card or PayPal, with a minimum purchase of $25 USD. Credits are then applied to image orders on a pay-as-you-go basis, with credits valid for up to one year. Professional and Enterprise customers may opt for consolidated monthly billing. See our Pricing page for more information, or contact us to get a quote.

  • What are Extensions?

    Extensions are powerful add-on tools that "extend" the platform. For example, two extensions are Colorways (color matching and recoloring) and Stacking (image combination for multi-packs). Pretty cool, right? However, because not everyone needs them, we offer each Extension as an individual add-on to keep our base subscription price down.

  • How do my images get edited, anyway?

    When you submit an order to us, your images enter our proprietary S.A.W.™ digital lean production system. We use the analytics we've developed over the course of editing 40+ million images to ensure specialists work on different parts of your image, and get it back to you as quickly as possible.

  • How are your employees treated?

    Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy mandates a healthy equal opportunity work environment. Western working standards are connected to local traditions at each of our offices around the globe. As part of our commitment to advancing ethical employment practices, Pixelz is part of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition. See our CSR.

  • Can I pause my subscription?

    Of course! It’s the nature of product photography to be seasonal. You can pause your subscription manually or we will Auto-Pause your subscription after inactivity for 1 billing cycle. When your subscription is paused we will drop the monthly fee to $4 USD and retain all your specifications and order history, to be reactivated next season.