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Create elevated images at scale with advanced
retouching and AI technology

Elevated e-commerce image of activewear
Elevated e-commerce image
Elevated model image jumping in activewear
Elevated e-commerce image of two models posing together

Elevating Product Images

Elevated product images break with some of the standards of e-commerce product visuals. It’s more than just front, side, back and detail shots. The retouching process for elevated images must also reflect the different standards of elevated images. Pixelz workflows and specification setup allows you to be in control of the entire retouching process while still receiving expertly retouched elevated images quickly.

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Review And Revise All In One Place

Juggling multiple services for reviewing and marking up images is not only a joy killer but also a time killer. With Pixelz Platform, reviewing and marking up images is consolidated into one place that the entire team can access. Our Image Viewer includes tools such as: High-Res Zoom, Side by Side comparison,

Screenshot of photo retouching platform showing image markups Screenshot of photo retouching platform showing image markups
Elevated e-commerce image of color correction on flat lay apparel

Color Correction Made Simple

Years in the industry have helped us build color tools and workflows to make it as easy as possible to scale with the correct color every time.

  • Multiple output types
  • Automated color-matching with FTP, API, or Pixelz Platform
  • Detail recovery on over-exposure images
  • Texture matching and replacement
  • Color library to maintain brand standards

Optimize Your Workflow

We’ve streamlined the retouching process for elevated product images, including making uploading and reviewing images easy.

  • FTP, API integration, or manual upload of images
  • Color matching and color correction
  • Clipping Path
  • Image library

Concerned about the learning curve of our Pixelz Platform? Don’t worry, we’ve spent years making it intuitive. And getting started is as simple as signing up and uploading your images.

Screenshot of photo retouching platform image library Screenshot of photo retouching platform image library
Elevated e-commerce image of model outdoors

Deliver Your Brand Story

Elevated images allow your brand to further your story. And getting the images right in post-production is just as important as pre-production. Maintain your brand standards and aesthic by setting up specifications, creating a color library, and working with your Customer Success Manager.

Why Pixelz For Elevated Product Images?

We’ve been doing this for a few years now (well actually a decade!). We know a thing or two about image retouching from basic product images, flat lays, elevated, and editorial. We know just how important it is to get it right and we also know that on a rare occasion you’ll get a not quite perfect image. If a product image doesn’t live up to your standards we make it easy to make notations and reject the image all within the Pixelz Platform. No need to download the image or even open up your email. We’ll make the correct edits and get your image back to you all at no extra cost.

Elevated model image in activewear