Making the Shot Happen - FLOW: Barcelona

From stylists to retouchers, there is a giant team making THE shot happen. Coordination and hand-off between each team member can be full of challenges but also extremely rewarding when the joint work pays off in a stellar shot.

This panel discussion brings together experts across different aspects of content production to share their experiences, challenges, and what we can all do to make collaboration better.

  • What the end consumer sees vs. what the studio professional sees
  • Color matching considerations: who’s monitor is right?
  • Workflow overhauls and how to increase daily volume using customer insights

Learn from:

  • Marysol García Gruben, El Corte Inglés
  • David Hice, Aritzia
  • Faye Garland, THG Studios
  • Cristina Planelles, Fashion Editor & Art Director
  • Moderator: Daniel Jester, Creative Force.

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