Leading Circular Shopping Through Branded Recommerce - FLOW: NYC

Circular shopping is the fastest-growing consumer behavior in the United States. Lindsey, Photography Studio Manager at Trove, dives into leading a more sustainable economy through branded recommerce and the work Trove is doing to power this new marketplace.

Lindsey is the Photo Studio Manager at Trove Recommerce Inc, a startup that enables brands to own their resell channel. She has been working both in-house and freelance at photo studios for the past 16 years. She started her photo production career at Gap Inc. in merchandising and marketing where she supported a variety of photoshoots from national TV ads to product photography. At Stitch Fix, Lindsey was the initial Photo Studio Manager and built their first photo studio and photo team from the ground up. Lindsey cultivates a positive and fun working environment that fosters creativity and she thrives on collaborating and bringing a vision to life through photography.

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