Studio and Brand Story - FLOW: NYC

A conversation about how Studio Design and cultivating in-house culture can speak to the Brand Story. In-house content studios are often the outlier in a Brand’s approach, not quite a Warehouse/Production line and not the sparkling gem offshoot of HQ. This talk will be discussing some personal experiences of in-house content studios as a consultant and opening up conversation for a vision of the future.

Kevin Mason is the Director of Studio Workflow, a premium studio consultancy company founded in East London in 2018, and is now based in Berlin. Since its launch Studio Workflow has delivered projects for some of the world's leading content creation brands designing +20,000sqm of studio space. Kevin has a background in Interior Architecture combined with 15+ years in commercial photography, and full-time positions as AmazonFashionEu Photography Manager and TopShop Studio Manager. He has a love of data and unambiguous process through design.

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