Multi-Category Image Editing

Multi-Category Image Editing

Brand: Catch of the Day

Vertical: Online Marketplace

HQ: Australia

Founded: 2006

Pixelz helped with:
Consistent Images
Short deadlines

Krish Jaimangal & Tristan Bolle
We’ve become far more efficient as a team and have substantially increased production turnover.
Krish Jaimangal & Tristan Bolle

Production Manager & Senior Graphic Designer


Popular Australian ecommerce store offers a wide range of big brand products at amazing prices. Every day, hundreds of new deals go live throughout the day. From electronics, TVs, homewares, toys, fashion and more, selling one unit at a rapid rate of every 2 seconds! Over the last 8 years, their outstanding rapid growth has seen 7 other business units join the company too. This includes, Scoopon, Mumgo, Grocery Run, Eat Now, West Avenue, Didgio, and YumTable. Group-wide, they have over 430,000 unique visitors per day!


Why did you chose to work with Pixelz?

Our website offers a massive variety of deals that are available for a limited time with thousands of products being added weekly to our ever-expanding range. These products need to be presented to our customers in a clear and consistent manner, and Pixelz hits the nail on the head every time!

Due to the high turnover of products, we sought a post-production partner that could deliver their services on time with consistency and attention to detail. We operate on short deadlines for producing product imagery, and a reliable partner was absolutely critical to achieving a practical relationship.

When we came across Pixelz, we instantly realised how they stood head and shoulders above the crowd of websites that offer similar services. We were impressed by their professional website, modern sense of corporate responsibility and transparency in their communication with potential clients.

What are the main benefits you have received from using our service?

Integrating Pixelz into our image production workflow has changed the way we work on a daily basis. We’ve become far more efficient as a team and have substantially increased production turnover. Prior to engaging Pixelz, we would have to carefully plan for the occasional sale that may have overloaded our capacity; now we breeze through such sales every week, with a lower overall cost of production.

What are the key results you have achieved in your business after using Pixelz?

This year we’ve seen a huge increase in the quality of creative work produced by our team and that is largely in part thanks to the dependability of Pixelz. The next-day turnaround has enabled our talented designers and photographers to focus on the work they love the most. Customers are experiencing a great improvement in a larger variety of product pages, and we’re producing campaigns with better accuracy and consistency.

Would you recommend Pixelz?

Without question. Management have displayed an exceptional amount of care and attention to even the finest details, and we feel like a valued client. They’ve definitely exceeded expectations and the arrangement continues to make our workdays smoother and more flexible.

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