Brand: Magasin

Vertical: Department Store

HQ: Denmark

Founded: 1868

Pixelz helped with:
Quick Turn-Around Time
Flexibility for fluctuating image amounts
Consistency in vendor images

Thomas Bernhard
Since Pixelz has been a part of our workflow, we’ve been able to easily create consistency on our product pages.
Thomas Bernhard

Operations Manager


Magasin is a department store with multiple locations across Denmark as well as online stores in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Founded in 1868, the store is an icon in Denmark for many reasons including the iconic holiday displays. Magasin has grown into a staple in Denmark, selling home goods, beauty products, clothing, accessories, and more. They opened their online store in 2009.

Getting the Most Out of Vendor Images

Like many department stores that have gone online, Magasin relies heavily on vendor images. Vendor images can keep costs low and make getting products online quick. By using Pixelz to edit vendor images, Magasin is optimizing its workflow, creating consistency on its website, and leaving time for other pursuits like growing its own in-house brand and onboarding new brands. Magasin’s goal in working with Pixelz for vendor images is to create a cohesive shopping experience. Shoes are a great example of how they achieve this. By editing vendor images, we can ensure that the crop and direction of the shoes are all the same. Pixelz handles basic tasks like cropping, resizing, changing background color, shadows, and compressing images. These steps may seem simple, but by utilizing Pixelz, our system can automate them and give Magasin the reliability and flexibility it needs.


The Magasin Workflow

We’ve worked with Magasin to develop a workflow that fits their vendor image needs. Here’s a glimpse into how it works:

  • Images are automatically synced to Pixelz from Magasin
  • Images are run through our duplicate detector, and duplicates are immediately delivered back to Magasin
  • New images are sorted into the correct templates e.g., on model or shoes
  • Images are edited
  • Images are delivered and pushed live to the Magasin website during their scheduled updates.

The beauty of this streamlined workflow is it allows for quick turnaround times - even large batches of images. As a department store, when Magasin takes on a new brand, it also receives a large batch of new images. With the workflow outlined above, Pixelz can tackle a batch well into the thousands and have the images ready in a matter of a day or two. All the while, Magasin can focus on getting the launch of a new brand ready while Pixelz handles the images.


Removing Hidden Costs

For any retailer using vendor-provided images, duplicates can be a hidden cost and time waste. The magic of workflows like Magasin's is that they allow us to use our duplicate detection algorithm. Without duplicate detection, retailers like Magasin either process the same image twice or spend time manually reviewing images to avoid duplicates. In 2022, we detected 120,000 duplicate images being sent from vendors and removed them from being processed, which saved Magasin $120,000.

Growing Together

“Pixelz is allowing us to grow in new ways that we never expected. They’ve also been a true partner throughout many years and have been there to talk through our workflows and give us the security and flexibility we need.”
Thomas Bernhard, Magasin