Multi-Brand Image Editing

Multi-Brand Image Editing

Brand: SKYE

Vertical: Apparel


Founded: 2006

Pixelz helped with:
Visual consistency
Reduced web lead-times
Costs savings

Adam Hanin
Our website experience has improved considerably with visually consistent product pages.
Adam Hanin



SKYE Associates launched in 2006, offers a spectrum of services to help build, maintain and grow retailers’ ecommerce businesses. Our customized web design, proprietary ecommerce technology, marketing strategy, product photography, technology integration, warehousing, fulfillment and customer care are all components in achieving the ultimate goals in ecommerce — increased traffic, conversion rates, new customers and increased loyalty with existing customers. SKYE partners with retailers and consumer brands to provide a full-service, customized, turn-key ecommerce solution. Services are also available a la carte for site development, product photography, design, marketing, fulfillment and customer service

Peter Malecha

Before & After

Consistent Product Presentation


Why did you chose Pixelz?

Every day we manage thousands of product images from different categories that need to be edited following our style and brand requirements. We were looking for a reliable and long-term partner that could provide us with a digital image editing service and that understood our business and needs. For us it was crucial to have a flexible partner that could easily adapt to our customers’ standards, deliver images on-time, and provide us with the highest possible quality. This is why we decided to partner with Pixelz. They meet all our requirements and, thanks to them, we’ve been able to optimize our process and deliver a better service to our customers. Consistency, quality, speed, price. Our website experience has improved considerably with visually consistent product pages.

What are the key benets you receive from using Pixelz’s services

They provide a complete online platform to easily manage our product image editing needs.They are able to handle any type of image (3D mannequin, on model, flat, jewelry…), product categories and get highquality results taking into account our different style and image requirements.They also excel at providing consistency to all of our images in terms of alignment, cropping, shadows and background. Of course they always deliver the service on time, reducing time it takes to get our customers’ products online.

Key results on your business after using Pixelz

Extreme high consistency
Reduced study-to-web lead-times
Huge costs savings

Would you recommend Pixelz?

We definitely recommend Pixelz and their services to any Online Business that would like to save time hours (daily) with their post-production process, improve their website experience by creating great looking category pages, and increase conversions with commercial images.