Pixelz X Creative Force Overview

Connected by more than our API, Creative Force and Pixelz share a foundation of lean principles. Together we’ve created a streamlined process for getting images from product to PDP 10 times faster.

Creative Force eliminates key complexities at every stage of content creation, from vendor request to asset delivery. And with simple API integration, Creative Force automatically matches images to the post-production specifications in Pixelz. This all means that users have the ability to send images to external post-production and automatically receive them right back into their workflow. Talk about seamless.


The Benefits

  • Built to handle production at scale
  • Automated file naming and handling
  • The only true end-to-end workflow solution for eCommerce content creation
  • Send images directly into post-production and back into the workflow
  • 24/5 live chat support with response times under 2 minutes
  • Shot to site: get products online in as little as 1 hour
  • Streamlined communication and approvals
  • Creative teams have more time to be... creative
  • Making data-driven decisions just got easier
  • Seamless API integration with Pixelz (and other software you use daily like Capture One and Photoshop)

Creative Force Overview

Ever been tasked with getting more done, without more resources? You’re not alone. Creative Force was built to help you do just that by streamlining your daily eCommerce and editorial content production. It's not magic. It's just an incredibly efficient way of getting from product to PDP – and beyond.

Learn more about going from Shot to Site with Creative Force and Pixelz from Bestseller and Zalando.

There is no way we could be as productive as we are and do the quality of work we’re doing with the number of people we have if we didn’t have Creative Force. It’s just that simple.
Lindsey Di Ruscio
Maxine Fertig-Cohen

Director of Photo Production