Lets Flo

Lets Flo is a leading content production workflow and tracking platform solution for e-commerce, empowering creatives to work smarter by driving improved communications, reduced time-to-market, and increased team productivity.

This easy-to-use platform allows you to track samples, automate high-volume content production processes, create digital product catalogues, pull reports, build asset and archive libraries, and simplify DAM and PIM.

Trusted by leading global enterprise brands, retailers and studios, including Fraser Group, Burberry, M&S, Eileen Fisher and Spring Studios, Lets Flo is the go-to partner for scaling and streamlining production and tracking processes.


The Benefits

  • Supercharge your productivity: reduce time-to-market by 58%
  • Real-time tracking built for high-volume content production
  • Seamless communication and approval process with clients
  • Manage thousands of samples at ease
  • Automate repetitive and tedious tasks, so your creative team can focus on what they do best
  • On-the-go with the mobile app - so you can work efficiently anywhere, anytime
  • Make data-driven improvements with production reports and insights
  • Faster and more accurate budgeting, forecasting and cost tracking
  • Seamless integration with your existing IT ecosystem and tech stack
  • Dedicated onboarding and customer support
  • Save time with automated capture
  • Dedicated onboarding and customer support
Profoto Profoto

Pixelz X Lets Flo

Already using Pixelz? Lets Flo can be integrated with Pixelz via API, ensuring a seamless end-to-end experience - from the production preparation stage all the way to post-production. With all information stored under one roof, collaboration has never been more efficient - no more working in silos and handling version inconsistencies.

Speak to their team to get started today, and learn how you can power up your productivity with the Pixelz x Lets Flo integration.

Our team’s day-to-day tasks became a lot easier. Each team was aware of how long each part of the process takes, how much budget they have assigned, and had all product information clearly laid out in front of them.

Let’s Flo fit seamlessly into their existing workflows, and became a tool they used every day. Before long, we were using Lets Flo with external contractors and agencies too.
Lets Flo
Rima Shah

Production lead @ Frasers Group