Pixelz X Profoto

Profoto has made lighting and photography excellence their mission for over fifty years. They are widely known for their innovative technology, reliability, and exceptional build quality.

Profoto automated studio solutions continue its mission of image excellence and innovation with automated all-in-one photo and video solutions. Compose, style, shoot and export all types of e-commerce and editorial content from mannequin, model or flat-lay.

Each of Profoto’s solutions is equipped with camera, lighting, and software you need to automate your studio - and you can also export directly to Pixelz for post-production.


Technology Specs

  • Supercharge your productivity: reduce time-to-market by 58%
  • Real-time tracking built for high-volume content production
  • Seamless communication and approval process with clients
  • Manage thousands of samples at ease

The Benefits

  • Seamless integration with your existing IT ecosystem and tech stack
  • Dedicated onboarding and customer support
  • Save time with automated capture
  • Dedicated onboarding and customer support
Profoto Profoto


With Profoto and Pixelz, you can take your workflow to the next level by integrating professional image editing with your automated studio solution. With the integration, sending images to post-production is seamless and fully automated. It only takes 2 simple steps to get started using Profoto and Pixelz: registering your Automated Studio Solution and then you can start using the uploader directly on your Profoto System. It’s never been easier!