Achieving Same-Day Shot-To-Site With BESTSELLER Studios And Zalando

Reduce lead time and complexity in your studio operations

Tune-in for this very special webinar, featuring Carlos Pérez Rullán from Zalando, Kate Davies-Benadé from BESTSELLER Studios, and James Lewis from Creative Force - together representing more than 30 years of combined experience. Expect some engaging conversations about achieving same-day shot-to-site by transforming creative operations, reducing complexity, and improving turnaround time.

The session is moderated by David Kensell, Operation Manager at Ingrid and Isabel, who will ask some questions that should keep the expert panel on their toes.

Webinar from March 2021

Kate Davies-Benadé

Kate Davies-Benadé

Head of Product Experience
James Lewis

James Lewis

Product Specialist
Creative Force
David Kensell

David Kensell

Operations Manager
Ingrid and Isabel
Carlos Pérez Rullán

Carlos Pérez Rullán

Product Manager of Product Experience Team

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