AI in E-commerce Image Editing

Janus Klok Matthesen

Janus Klok Matthesen

Co-founder and CTO
Carlos Rullán Pérez

Carlos Rullán Pérez


In this webinar...

AI is everywhere, but what does it mean when we combine AI and e-commerce content creation? Find out in this webinar as we tackle the subject of AI, how it’s used, how to work with it (not against it), and the benefits of partnering with technology.

Join Janus Klok Matthesen, CTO, and Carlos Rullán Pérez, Head of Product, both from Pixelz as they use Pixelz as a use case for implementing different AI into the image editing and content creation process.

Webinar from September 2021

Here is what you will


Get a better understanding of the AI already being used in image editing


Hear from experts in AI about implementing AI tools


The benefits of an AI hybrid workflow