All Eyes on You

Acing Visual Commerce Ahead of the Holiday Season


All Eyes on You: Acing Visual Commerce Ahead of the Holiday Season

All Eyes On You is co-hosted with our partner Syte. We talk with Tovi Heilbronn from Harry Rosen and Greg McQueen from Skatepro to tackle the topic of Visual Commerce. We cover the importance of visuals for the customer experience this holiday season. Including practical tips on how to build a strong visual experience and the technologies to make it happen.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • The shift to online and what consumers need and expect from brands when shopping online
  • The new technologies that are taking visuals to the next level
  • How to build a strong infrastructure for better visual online experiences
  • And how to ace your visuals ahead of the holiday season

Webinar from September 2021


Greg McQueen

Greg McQueen

Product Photographer
Tovi Heilbronn

Tovi Heilbronn

Director of Digital Experience & Product
Harry Rosen
Shir Ibgui

Shir Ibgui

Partnerships Manager
Jakob Osterby

Jakob Osterby


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