E-commerce Visual Trends in 2024

Pamela Kunkel

Pamela Kunkel

Content Marketing Manager
Rich Summers

Rich Summers

Co-founder & CTO
Perrie Schad

Perrie Schad

Creative Operations Consultant
Perrie Schad Consulting
Jason Hamilton

Jason Hamilton

Imaging Operations Leadership & Consultant
Ginai Liverman

Ginai Liverman

Manager Studio Operations

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As we move closer to 2024, it's exciting to anticipate the visual trends that will shape the world of e-commerce. With the ever-evolving technology, there's no doubt that we will see a shift in the way we perceive and interact with visual content.

Join our e-commerce creative experts in this rapid fire webinar where each expert will get 5 minutes to share what they see as the most significant trends coming up in the next year. Our experts come from different backgrounds and locations across the globe to offer diverse viewpoints on the trends we can expect to impact our visuals in 2024.

Webinar from November 2023

Here is what you will


Hear from experts across the industry


Learn about the top trends for 2024


Get inspired by new technology and ideas for the coming year