Introducing Editorial Retouching

Learn about new Editorial Retouching workflows from Pixelz
including platform updates and an elevated approach to retouching.

Editorial Retouching

Introducing Editorial Retouching

We are excited to announce the release of Editorial Retouching, the newest retouching service from Pixelz. Get an inside look at how we are changing the way Editorial retouching is done. Join Pixelz’s COO, Jakob Østerby, and Community & Event Manager, Mike Weber, as we dive into features, explore use cases, and live demo the service.

What to look forward to in this webinar:

  • How Pixelz developed a new approach to Editorial Retouching
  • Workflows for Editorial Retouching
  • New platform tools for Editorial Retouching
  • Q&A

Webinar from November 2021


Michael Weber

Michael Weber

Community and Event Manager
Jakob Osterby

Jakob Osterby


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