Flow Into The Future

Why batching is a costly bottleneck you don't need to accept

Why humans batch, the delay it causes, and how technology addresses it

Flow principles and how to apply them

Lean inspired connected flow eliminates batching

Real world Flow results

Lead time, throughput, and other KPI impacts from implementing Flow—both instant impact and continuous improvement

BESTSELLER's studio management software RFP process

Kate goes into detail on thought process, requirements, and vendor selection

How BESTSELLER implemented Flow

Change management and its impact on the team as well as production. Rolling out new software for high volume studios with a highly international, dispersed team

The questions an expert audience posed in over 20 minutes of Q&A

Hear what studio managers and e-commerce directors care most about, and Kate's responses

Real results
  • 80% increase in throughput
  • 90% cut in lead time

Learn how to drastically cut studio lead times and increase throughput, from a studio manager who's done it. Recording of live presentation and Q&A with an audience of e-commerce directors and photo studio managers.

Webinar from July 2024

Jakob Osterby

Jakob Osterby

Kate Davies-Benadé

Kate Davies-Benadé

Head of Product Experience