In-house vs Supplier Assets: How Studio Teams Can Work Together For Better Results

Is using supplier assets when selling multi-brand products a curse or a blessing from the in-house studio perspective?

Together with Eloise Jones, Image Asset Manager at Selfridges, we’ll explore the benefits, the challenges, and ways to successfully integrate supplier assets on your PDPs. Team collaboration, workflows and processes, retouching standards, and more - Eloise will share her learnings and best practices with you.

Webinar from April 2023

Eloise Jones

Eloise Jones

Image Asset Manager

Aleksandra Panyukhina

Experience Marketing Lead

Here is what
you will learn


Learn about the processes and teams involved in supplier asset management at Selfridges


Get tips on standardizing the look and feel of the assets while giving your customers a branded and engaging journey


Gain insights into how supplier assets can enhance overall customer experience