Recommerce Photography

Hear from Lindsey DiRuscio from Trove and Brian Guidry, Partner here at Pixelz. Trove is a leader in recommerce, with brands such as Levi's, Patagonia, REI, EILEEN FISHER, lululemon, and more, their aim is to develop white-label channels that can not only revitalize the resale marketplace but also do their part to keep clothes out of landfills. We dig into how to approach photography when it comes to recommerce including some best practices for photography and post-production.

Webinar from October 2021

Lindsey DiRuscio

Lindsey DiRuscio

Photo Studio Manager
Brian Guidry

Brian Guidry


Here is what
you will learn


The philosophy behind recommerce photography


What is recommerce? How to’ re-commerce photography


What is required in post-production for recommerce imagesDP