Shot to Ready:

Problem-Solving Creative Content Workflows

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Shot to Ready: Problem-Solving Creative Content Workflows

Scaling content production is already a challenge, but managing those assets for multiple teams creates a whole new set of concerns. We chat with Globaledit about building workflows that streamline creative content production. From the very first creative idea to being ready to use for marketing and ecommerce teams, we’ll discuss the technical and communication problems that arise from having multiple stakeholders involved in asset production and distribution and how to solve them.

In the webinar we cover:

  • What does it mean to go from shot to ready?
  • How to tackle scaling and logistical challenges.
  • How to optimize content usage.
  • What are the benefits of 360 workflows to creatives and consumers?

Webinar from January 2022


Michael Weber

Michael Weber

Community and Event Manager
Jakob Osterby

Brian Gavin


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