Studio Talent Development and Upskilling: Lessons In Leadership with Jamie L. Forrest

How can you simultaneously train your team, ensure their skills are evolving and talents flourish, yet meet the business needs and hit these KPIs? Jamie L. Forrest, an experienced Studio Manager & Director, will share her vision for managing highly productive and creative teams with empathy and true leadership spirit. Sneak peek: it’s not only about empowerment and collaboration but also about holding people accountable, knowing when to step up, and recognizing when you are not in your best state of mind.

Webinar from April 2024


Aleksandra Panyukhina

Experience Marketing Lead
Jamie L. Forrest

Jamie L. Forrest

Founder and Lead Consultant
JL Forrest LLC

Here is what
you will learn


Get inspiration and motivation to be a better leader and better professional


Discover different perspectives on talent development and upskilling


Get ideas to implement with your team for knowledge sharing and work & learning balance