Style Guide Show - Was 2023 the year of AI?

Ryan Roberts

Ryan Roberts

Customer Success Director

Aleksandra Panyukhina

Experience Marketing Lead

In this webinar...

In this episode of the Pixelz Style Guide Show, we’ll be joined by Ryan Roberts, Customer Success Director at Pixelz, to reflect (with you) on 2023. Defined heavily by AI, we’ll discuss whether we’ll all look back to say this was the year defined by AI. We’ll also talk about our favorite highlights from FLOW events, and why we are ready for 2024 to get here already. And of course, give you a behind the curtain look at what product updates we made in the past year.

Webinar from December 2023

Here is what you will


Industry news from 2023 and how it impacted our industry


What we’re looking forward to in 2024


Pixelz’s product recap and updates