Composite product image of colorful underwear on a purple background
Do you sell on marketplaces? Do you need to combine images in order to show multi-pack quantity, waterfall available color options, or create assortment bundles for marketing?

Use Stacking to Create Composite Product Images

Then we have the tool for you!

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Pixelz’ “Stacking” extension makes it a breeze to composite product images.

Choose from professionally designed layouts, or use a drag and drop editor to compose a collage.

If you’re a real power user, you can even automate the process by FTP using file names!

For everyone, using Stacking is pretty simple.

How Stacking Works

Let’s say you’re selling socks on Amazon and eBay. Maybe you sell single pairs, but also multipacks with different quantities and color combinations. You don’t want to photograph all the different combos—that’s a waste of time, and you want the flexibility to change combinations and pack sizes as needed.

Selecting socks for composite product image order

Stack any combination of your photos.

So instead, you upload a photo of each sock to Pixelz and you use the Stacking tool to select layout and quantity.

Selecting layout for composite product image retouching order

Choose from an assortment of category specific templates.

For commonly stacked products like socks, underwear, and t-shirts, we have category specific templates already designed. You can select from those, or freestyle with a template editor.

Now, when your order is complete, you’ll get whatever Stacked images you ordered in addition to your regularly edited photos!

A completed composite.

Back to the “freestyle with a template editor” comment. The Stacking Editor lets you control individual image size, placement, and z-axis layering.

Do you see the possibilities?

Screenshot of interface creating custom layout for composite product image, using socks

Create your own layout with our Stacking Editor.

The Stacking Editor opens the door to collage creations by team members who don’t have the time or ability to use complex software like Photoshop or Illustrator. They can quickly create bundles for flash sales, website banners, and marketing emails.

Automation for Power Users

If Stacking is something you do regularly and you have high image volume, you’re probably using our FTP server. Well, guess what: you can trigger Stacking by filename.

The addition of the “_stack” trigger string allows you to add additional parameters like stack id, layout id, position, and output name.

For more details, contact our Customer Success team (cs at pixelz dot com) for help getting set up.

Automation makes it dead simple to stack at scale.

Free Stacking Trial

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