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Positive recognition always feels good, and that is especially true when it comes from a prominent state official. Pixelz had that honor on May 5th, 2017, when we welcomed Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Ms. Ulla Tørnæs to our office in Hanoi, Vietnam.

For the Minister, Pixelz is a unique case study in Danish companies’ ability to extend their reach abroad. Founded by three Danes, Pixelz has navigated the sometimes tricky proposition of growing a company in developing countries, and done so to the tune of nearly 1,000 staff across multiple locations.

We were of course happy to show the Minister our approach to business and what we feel is a new model for outsourcing. While at our office, Minister Tørnæs had a chance to tour our two floors of office space and meet some of our local staff. She also sat down with our Executive Vice President of Operations, Jakob Østerby, and our Country Manager, Nguyen Quynh Huong, to discuss obstacles we have overcome, our emphasis on employee empowerment, and corporate social responsibility.

After her visit, Minister Tørnæs had this to say in a press release about her visit to Pixelz:

“It is truly amazing visiting a company that started with a good idea in Holstebro and now has developed into a global rising company with more than 1,000 staff. Pixelz is an amazing [example] of what is happening in Vietnam and what you can achieve with perseverance and a lot of energy.. that a company from Holstebro like Pixelz can contribute in creating so many new and highly skilled jobs for young Vietnamese people is extremely positive to experience.”

Danish Minister being greeted

Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Ms.Ulla Tørnæs is greeted by Pixelz Country Manager for Vietnam Ms. Nguyen Quynh Huong at Pixelz Hanoi office.

The positive feelings were mutual. Having a Danish representative visit our offices, and being able to proudly show her the work we are doing, validates that we do things differently from other outsourcing companies. As Mr. Østerby explained:

“It was great to see how impressed Minister Tørnæs and her delegates were with what we are doing here,” says Østerby. “Not just with the work environment that we have created, but also with our emphasis on the internal development of our staff, our dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility, and how we have integrated both the Vietnamese and Danish cultures. For most outsource companies in countries like Vietnam, things like the professional development of staff aren’t a top priority. For us, these are aspects of our company that we are really proud of and have been integral to our success. It was great that she got to see those first hand.”

Perhaps no one understands our emphasis on empowering local staff better than Nguyen Quynh Huong, our Country Manager in Vietnam, who had a chance to share her story with Minister Tørnæs.

Seven years ago, Ms. Nguyen was one of the first employees at Pixelz, working as an office manager at an early iteration of Pixelz with Thomas Kragelund, now Pixelz CEO. Fast forward to 2017, and Nguyen leads over 600 Vietnamese staff across two locations in Vietnam while managing all of our operations in the country and working hard to keep things running smoothly.

“Especially for our staff, a visit like this from the Minister is important and exciting,” explains Nguyen. “We are making a lot of changes around the company and as a startup, growth sometimes is challenging. Having Minister Tørnæs here touring the office and meeting staff sends an important message that we are on the right path. It is great for our staff to see us being acknowledged in a positive way for the way we operate. I think that ultimately helps our staff trust the changes we are making.”

Minister tours the office

Executive Vice President of Operations Jakob Østerby gives Minister Tørnæs a tour of our Pixelz office in Hanoi.

With some still wary about outsourcing to developing countries and a heightened consumer emphasis on the ethics of the products and services they purchase, opportunities for transparency such as a Minister’s visit are crucial for Pixelz. It is a chance for us to share a new approach to outsourcing, one that places an emphasis on transparency and investment in the people who work hard for us everyday.