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Inside Look at FLOW 2021

At Pixelz, we get the opportunity to connect with some pretty inspiring brands and people on a daily basis. In starting our FLOW events, we wanted to be able to bring industry professionals together to share trials, tribulations, and successes of working in creative content production.

We were lucky enough to bring people together in Berlin in November 2021 for our second FLOW event. We were joined by people from across the industry including photographers, studio managers, retouchers, and e-commerce professionals. The day included talks, roundtable discussions, and plenty of networking time. Read on to discover some of the topics of the day and view some of the presentations in full.

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Themes of FLOW 2021

Throughout the sessions and networking there were a few main themes that kept everyone talking.

Product Detail Pages and Data

Optimizing product detail pages is nothing new but FLOW 2021 opened up the conversation around testing on PDP between studios and brands. An opportunity that isn’t available enough in our opinion! It was great to see everyone engaging on this topic and comparing problems and solutions.


Building off the theme of testing and PDP, editorials were also a hot topic. As teams are diversifying PDP and testing different images they need to start creating or scaling editorial images. Shanna Farris of Creative Force spoke about scaling editorial production, you can read more and watch her session below. And the Pixelz team also got the chance to announce our new editorial retouching solution.


Throughout multiple presentations during the day, the people behind the scenes were always in focus. Josie Diamond from Nasty Gal dedicated her whole session to Empowering Creatives in a High Volume Studio Environment. However, she wasn’t the only one. Many sessions took time to discuss how KPIs, scaling production, and creativity impacts teams in the studio. We loved hearing from different speakers the importance of maintaining a happy, productive, and engaged team.


The true magic at Flow happened during breaks where people across different companies and job titles got a chance to share knowledge and experiences. When we first conceived of the idea of Flow events, it was to achieve exactly that - to open up the industry and allow creative professionals to meet and connect.

We also get to learn a lot ourselves, hearing conversations across the table helps us to understand how we can help our partners and be prepared to help them as the industry evolves.

Leveraging Flow Production to Increase Productivity AND Creativity

Kate Davies-Benadé, Head of Product Experience - Ecommerce at Bestseller Studios, joined us for a second time at FLOW. Kate discusses how Bestseller Studios has evolved in the two years of utilizing Flow production. Moving away from batching has created room for every team within the studio to flex their creativity. Watch Kate’s full talk below to learn more about Flow production and how concrete KPIs can be attributed to increasing creativity.

Unlocking Scalability for eComm and Editorial Production

Shanna Farris, Senior Product Specialist at Creative Force, discusses what success looks like for Editorial content and more importantly how to achieve it. Shanna dives deep into the processes around e-commerce and editorial content production. Focusing on how to scale editorial content including not only the production aspects but scaling teams and tech. Watch the full session to find out about “solutions that grow with you”.

The Role of Elevated Product Detail Pages in 2022 and Beyond

This round table discussion, hosted by Kevin Boutwell from Pixelz, included Jaclyn Treu from Zalando, Grace Farson from Westwing, and Mathias Nilsson from With diverse backgrounds from all the participants, the round table discussion was able to look at what ‘elevated’ means across different brands and products. They also touched on what elevated imagery means for brands, the consumers, and most importantly how they create elevated images.

FLOW Recap

We know we are a bit biased but FLOW was the highlight of our year! It was wonderful to be back (safely) among a group of creatives and we couldn’t have done it without all the speakers and attendees that showed up to share and collaborate. We are already looking forward to more events in the future. If you’d like to attend a FLOW event in the future, check out our events page to learn more.