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The Impact of E-commerce Video

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Community and Collaboration at FLOW: Barcelona

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Inside Look at FLOW: Los Angeles

Each FLOW event brings together new speakers and new topics that we get to explore as a collective. Like previous FLOW events, FLOW: LA featured speakers, roundtables, and plenty of time to network.

Our FLOW events were born out of a need to bring studio professionals together to share the peaks and struggles of working in creative content production. So many conversations stay siloed in departments or within companies. We believe there is so much growth and inspiration to be had in creating a collaborative space for creative professionals.

Read on to discover some of the topics of the day and view some of the presentations in full.

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Themes of FLOW Los Angeles

Throughout the sessions and networking there were a few main themes that got everyone thinking.

New Technology

At FLOW: LA we got to cover all aspects of new tech and tools. We were lucky to have experts present from software to hardware. While it was fun to learn about the latest tools and tech, one of the mantras of the day was ‘don’t do tech for the sake of tech’. There was a balance between getting excited about tech while instilling the idea that tech should always work for you and your team.

New Technology


Building off the theme of technology, there was also discussion around building ecosystems of tech and tools. It’s one thing to start using a new tool but how do I implement it correctly? This is a question that was asked in a few of the sessions of the day. Speakers addressed how you can build an ecosystem that connects multiple tools and vendors and how to ensure that your team is ready to adapt to the changes.


What would a creative ops event be without the theme of creativity running throughout the day? Naturally, creativity is a topic touched on by most speakers. And for FLOW: LA, we were lucky enough to dedicate a whole session to the topic as well. Sef McCullough, spoke on the fundamental concepts of commercial imagery’s function in visual culture, view his whole session below.

New Technology


Based on feedback from previous events, we knew we had to leave plenty of time for attendees to meet each other. These moments tend to be just as inspiring and productive as the speaker sessions as well. Knowledge is shared, problems are tackled and of course, LinkedIn profiles are shared.

Inevitably, these become some of our favorite moments at Pixelz as well. We get to connect with customers, old colleagues, and hear the conversations that allow us to continue to improve the product.

The Evolving Studio Ops Stack

Curren Calhoun, Sr. Director of Photo Production & Technology at Gap Inc., kicked off the day by taking us on a journey from the days of polaroids to a world of technology. Most importantly, he offered some tangible insights and advice on how to prepare a team for the changes that inevitably come from a world filled with advancing technology.

Leading Circular Shopping Through Branded Recommerce: Powered by Trove

Lindsey Di Ruscio, Photography Studio Manager at Trove, introduced the audience to Recommerce, the sale of pre-worn items, and the mission behind Trove to keep items out of the landfill. There are many different ways to handle recommerce but Trove uses a branded model which allows brands to retain their unique shopping experience for customers. Lindsey also touches upon how Trove handles photography for an ever-growing inventory of individual SKUs.

Scaling Creativity: Neurons, Clean Lines, and Cognitive Stress

In this session from Sef McCullough, we were taken on quite a journey through art history and how our brains classify, measure, and apply value to visual features. Through this presentation, Sef also helps us to understand how technology isn't removing the ability to be creative but rather view technology as removing some barriers to our creativity.

New Equipment Strategies for E-commerce Studios

If you love learning about new studio technologies, look no further than Benjamin Grimes, General Manager at Samy’s Camera, session on new equipment strategies. Benjamin dives into all the latest studio equipment alongside his insight and advice from working alongside some of the leaders in film and photography. Including interesting tips on equipment to improve remote shooting.

Roundtable: Efficiencies in Vendor Ecosystems

This round table discussion, hosted by Daniel Jester from Creative Force, included David Iscove from Cella, Mark Duhaime from Orbitvu, and Patrik Bluhme from Profoto. With various experiences from all the participants in the photo studio industry, the round table discussion was able to look at what it means to build an ecosystem of different software and studio hardware. Including how to plan for introducing new technologies and how to get buy-in from a team.

E-Comm Image Automation

Mark Duhaime, Managing Director at Orbitvu USA, shares how much automation can be accomplished in the photo studio. While sharing the advantages to using machines like Orbitvu, Mark also opens everyone's eyes to what automation can mean to photo studios and post-production.

Roundtable: Planning For Scale: From Pre-Production to Post

This round table discussion, hosted by Ryan Roberts from Pixelz, included Jason Wheeler from Columbia, Mercedes Castaneda from Fabletics, and Erin Pederson from Nasty Gal. Each participant on this round table, represented different aspects of the creative process. From pre to post production, the panelists share their wisdom and experience.

The New Growth Mindset: Teams First

We couldn’t end the day without focusing on the people that bring all the creative ideas alive. Karli Foster from Hyperblack Studios, thoughtfully asked ‘What’s one thing you can give your team?”, giving us pause to think about how we can help our teams grow and thrive in our creative industries.

Our FLOW Highlight

For the team here at Pixelz, our favorite highlights of the day was getting to see everyone! The speakers, attendees and just as importantly our fellow Pixelz colleagues. FLOW: Los Angeles gave us all the unique opportunity to connect in person, learn a bit more and walk away greatly inspired by the diverse individuals in our industry. If you’d like to attend a FLOW event in the future, check out our events page to learn more.

New Technology