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The Impact of E-commerce Video

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Community and Collaboration at FLOW: Barcelona

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A Look Back at FLOW: New York

We were beyond excited to bring FLOW back to New York City where it all started! FLOW started as a way to bring creatives out of the studio and into an environment where we could all share and learn from each other. We’d like to think that FLOW has continued to evolve with that shared connection and community at the heart of it all.

For FLOW: NY we pleased to bring together 3 different roundtable discussions and 5 individual speakers to discuss the challenges and successes of content production. Read on and watch the sessions in full to discover some of the topics of the day.

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The Scale of Creativity

Peter Davies, Studio Director at ASOS, opened up the day by awing the audience by the scale of ASOS’s production. He gave everyone something to think about in terms of how to produce stand-out, creative, and on-brand content.

Leading Circular Shopping Through Branded Recommerce: Powered by Trove

Lindsey Di Ruscio, Photography Studio Manager at Trove, introduced the audience to Recommerce, the sale of pre-worn items, and the mission behind Trove to keep items out of the landfill. There are many different ways to handle recommerce but Trove uses a branded model which allows brands to retain their unique shopping experience for customers. Lindsey also touches upon how Trove handles photography for an ever-growing inventory of individual SKUs.

Roundtable: We’ll Fix It In Post

In our first roundtable of the day, Daniel Jester from Creative Force, moderated a power-packed panel of retouching experts including Mercedes Castaneda from Fabletics, Hunter Neiblum from soona, Rob DiCaterino from Square, and Angela Rose from Ssense. These experts discussed feedback loops within studio teams and the challenges and rewards of growing a retouching team.

Studio and Brand Story

If you’re looking to learn what the future looks like when it comes to a studio's place in a brand’s story, look no further than Kevin Mason’s session. As Director of Studio Workflow, Kevin Mason has consulted with numerous studios and shares his insights into how studios can also deliver the brand story.

Roundtable: E-commerce & Studio Tech Review

This round table discussion, hosted by Christine Russo from RCCA, included Daniel Jester from Creative Force, Mark Duhaime from Orbitvu, Brian Kavanaugh from Bynder, and Patrik Bluhme from Profoto. Christine masterfully and delightfully, grilled the panelists about what their ‘dirty’ word is in their respective fields of tech and hardware. Watch the session to find the answers.

Quality Content For All and Its Challenges

Hunter Neiblum, Post Production Manager at soona, shared his own personal story of why making quality content for all sized businesses is so important. And he dived into how companies like soona have navigated the challenges of making quality content accessible.

Roundtable: Customer-Centricity in the Studio

This round table discussion, moderated by Ryan Roberts from Pixelz, included Rodrigo Ceballos from Amazon, Lauren Chaves from Zappos, and Jason Hamilton from Bed Bath and Beyond. The panelists discussed customer-centricity in terms of the different teams within an organization and the consumers at home. Including how to integrate and manage customer feedback in the studio.

Optimizing Workflows for Internal Teams and External Partners

To round out the day, Louise Balmford discussed how to optimize workflows drawing from her own experience leading a photo studio that produced content for over 400,000 products a year. Her session was an inspiring look at the level of creativity and efficiency an in-house team is capable of.

The Pixelz FLOW Highlights

Each event brings new speakers, attendees and our new moments. However, our highlight of the day always seems to be the same - the spark of community we get to see. The number of times we hear “everybody is facing the same challenges” nearly rivals the amount of images we process (not really). It’s the best part of the day to see people ask questions, get inspired or meet someone new. We can’t wait to do it all again!

If you’d like to attend a FLOW event in the future, check out our events page to learn more.

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