If you’re already an established e-retailer, then you’ve probably already become familiar with the product image requirements for eCommerce marketplace platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping, but in case you’re new to the industry, know this: eCommerce platforms generally require online retailers to follow a particular set of product image guidelines in order to maintain a consistent, clean look and to streamline customers’ shopping experiences. Any seller who doesn’t follow these guidelines may see their product listings and even their seller account suspended until they comply. It’s serious stuff!

What complicates matters even further is that these platforms generally have slightly different image guidelines when compared to one another — and they’re always changing. It can be hard to stay informed about new updates to image guidelines.

Don’t worry! Here at Pixelz we’ll keep you updated and help you get your images right and perfect to sell on these Marketplaces, like Amazon who recently updated the requirements for Jewelry product images.

Here you can see Amazon’s list of general guidelines for product photography:

  • Borders, text, logos, watermarks, and mannequins are not acceptable.
  • The recommended size for photos is 2560px width, but the bare minimum for apparel is 1001px on the longest side and the bare minimum for all other products is 500px on the longest side.
  • In every photograph, at least 85% of the frame should be filled with the product itself
  • Backgrounds should be pure white (RGB 255.255.255).

As we’ve mentioned, the last big update has been under the Jewelry category. The changes include parameters as the minimum size going to 1001 pixels, maximum size to 2100 pixels and zoom activation to 1000 pixels.

In the following table you’ll find a summary of Amazon’s image requirements per product category including the recent updates:

Image Alt

As an online retailer, keeping track of image requirement updates is critical to your business’ success. Non-compliance with platforms’ image guidelines can result in penalties and restrictions being placed on your Amazon store. Your images and listings might even be “suppressed” from public view! Adhering to Amazon’s image guidelines is very much in your interest, since it’s no secret that great product photos contribute greatly to customers’ decisions to purchase or pass up a product. You can find even more information about Amazon's requirements in our Amazon image guide.

If you are struggling to edit your product photographs to meet these new image guidelines, you can always entrust your images to our expert image editors. They’ll be able to help you to meet the requirements in record time!