Introducing Editorial Retouching From Pixelz
A large part of what makes every brand unique is the brand's aesthetic. Countless hours are invested to create the mood, tone, and style that demonstrates each brand's personality through editorial images. The ultimate goal of editorial images is to convey the story of your brand.

With this understanding of the impact and goal of editorial images, we set out to develop new workflows and tools that allow for streamlined, high-end editorial retouching. We have leveraged all the learnings from the last 10 years and applied them to more creative images and complex workflows. Meet Editorial Retouching!

Why Editorial Now?

It’s a great question! Our goal has always been to support the e-commerce industry and in recent years the type of content being offered on product detail pages has shifted to include more varied images and media.

The demand for more content has been brought on by increased competition in the online retail space requiring brands to find ways to differentiate themselves. The product detail page needs to offer shoppers detailed and realistic images that represent the product accurately. However, the differentiator for brands now is the story they can tell through elevated and editorial content on the product detail page. Learn all about elevated images and see examples of how elevated images are used on product detail pages in a previous blog post.

Introducing Editorial Retouching

With diversified product detail page content gaining momentum and becoming a more strategic focus among brands and retailers, we have developed new workflows to meet these needs.

What is Editorial Retouching with Pixelz?

In short, Editorial Retouching includes custom workflows, high-end retouching, and powerful platform tools to streamline the editorial retouching process.

Custom workflows are created with the help of dedicated Brand Ambassadors and local Customer Success Managers. Each custom workflow is based on what you are trying to achieve with Pixelz. This could be prep work for an in-house team, taking the image all the way through to the final edit, or something in-between.

These custom workflows also include our hybrid approach to retouching using AI automation to complete some of the image prep work. The purpose of the custom workflows is to ensure that every client is optimizing their editorial retouching process while maintaining creative control of the entire workflow.

A Reinvented Proof

We’re also excited about the reinvented proofing process we have introduced with Editorial Retouching. The image viewer in the Pixelz platform will now store every version of an edited image. We wanted to make it easy for any member of your team to view markups and changes. And now, the entire retouching process can be chronicled from start to finish!

The Pixelz Way

We’re still doing things our way! Our belief in technology and transparency are still found in our approach to Editorial Retouching. The Pixelz platform is a large part of this, providing real-time image status, production insights, and custom reporting. All of this information is at your fingertips on the Pixelz platform. Our goal is to provide you with insights that continue to help you grow and optimize every step of the way.

Let’s recap what Editorial Retouching is:

Advanced Masking

  • Helped along with our advanced AI

Greater Creative Control, achieved through

  • A highly specialized and experienced team of Editorial retouchers
  • Custom retouching workflows
  • Dedicated Brand Ambassadors and your Customer Success Manager

Retouching, including

  • Garment & Accessories
  • Model & Skin Retouching
  • Shaping & Crease Reduction
  • Background Cleanup
  • Compositing
  • Color Correction

Pixelz Platform

  • Production Insights & Dashboards
  • Add & Collaborate with team members
  • Markups and complete Revision History
  • Ability to add reference files and retouching guides
  • Colorways
  • Image Library and storage