Thanks to Apple, streamlining your product photography workflow has never been easier!

Here at Pixelz, we are always looking for new ways to help your business become more efficient. Today, we would like to share with you a new Apple software application that can help you to streamline the process of archiving and backing up your product images within your digital workflow.

As an e-retailer, you probably have thousands of product images stored on your computer. These high resolution files not only take up hard drive space and processing power, but they also require time to classify and organize. Like most professionals in your field, you probably solve some of these problems by utilizing external hard drives or Dropbox, but what if you had a space where you could classify, view and edit images from any device?

If you’re a Mac user, you have probably been using iPhoto to organize and classify your image files, but Apple has a brand new image management app, called Photos, in the works. The application has already been made available to developers in its beta version, but this spring, Apple will release the full version to the general public.

How can the Photos app benefit you and your business?

Due to its amazing speed and accessibility from any device, the Photos app will shorten and simplify your daily production workflow by enabling you to quickly organize produced material for your online listings. What’s more, Photos will help you to optimize your images with new powerful editing tools, plus other useful features such as the abilities to:

  • Store images and videos in the cloud using iCloud Photo Library and access them across all of your devices.
  • Browse your images by time and location.
  • Navigate your library using convenient Photos, Shared, Albums, and Projects tabs.
  • Make your images and videos available in iCloud Photo Library in their original format and in full resolution.
  • Click or slide to make precise editing adjustments.

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How does Photos’ backup feature work?

Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, you can greatly benefit from Photos’ backup solutions, even without a hefty budget at your disposal. Photos will store low resolution versions of images on your computer while storing the full resolution files in the cloud, freeing up that precious SSD space you paid truckloads of dollars for. No other photo app in existence operates this way.

Here at Pixelz, we’re already big fans of Apple’s new Photos app for Mac computers and devices and we truly believe that the app can save eCommerce retailers huge amounts of time when utilized to its full potential. Stay tuned for future news about the release of this groundbreaking tool for your online store production!