Introducing the Pixelz Shopify App

If you’re on Shopify, you know the importance of product imagery to your listings. You know your product photos are your greatest opportunity to connect with a visitor, to create a brand identity, and to eventually turn visitors into customers who add to cart and complete checkout.

Themes are built around showcasing whatever you drop into that little “Add media” box. Those photos can appear in so many different places: on your product display page, in collections, in email campaigns, and on sales channels you’ve connected like Facebook Shop—just to name a few.

So let’s give your product photos some love, shall we? Are you wondering:

How can I edit my Shopify product images?

The Pixelz retouching app is the easiest way to retouch photos for Shopify. Here’s how it works:

Screenshot of pixelz product image editing app in Shopify store

Install via the Shopify app store

  1. Install the app - On installation, you’ll be guided through creating or connecting your Pixelz account.
  2. Create a Style Guide - Use Pixelz’ wizard to specify how you’d like your images retouched.
  3. Upload your Images - Follow directions to upload images directly to Pixelz and have them retouched according to your Style Guide.
  4. Publish to Shopify - After your images are retouched, you can review them at Pixelz and then publish directly to your Shopify store. No need for a separate download/upload.

It enables industry best practice retouching features like prop removal, crease smoothing, wrinkle reduction, and of course improving shape and symmetry.

You can also order essential image edits like background removal, cropping, vertical alignment, image compression, and layer masks and clipping paths.

And we offer a wide range of popular retouching services like shadowing, color matching, and ghost mannequin image composites.

Screenshot of publishing retouched images to Shopify store

Retouched images can be added directly to Shopify products

What’s the best app for editing Shopify photos?

Obviously we’re biased, but the Pixelz Shopify App brings the highest quality retouching platform available today to the Shopify ecosystem. Pixelz has been trusted with over 35 million images since the early 2010s by leading brands and retailers around the world.

You can see for yourself what our customers have to say.

Many, many Shopify store owners have used Pixelz over the years. Adding an app is the next logical step, and honestly probably long overdue.

If you’re curious about how we’re leveraging AI to achieve unprecedented levels of consistency, quality, and speed, you should check out our retouching AI blog post.

How do I use an app to retouch Shopify photos?

First, install the Pixelz retouching app from the Shopify App Store.

There is no additional fee for installing and using the Pixelz Shopify app. It is essentially a one-way sync that allows you to push retouched images from your Pixelz account to your Shopify store.

A Shopify app user creates a Pixelz account and places retouching orders just like any other Pixelz user (and if you already have a Pixelz account, you don’t need to do anything but install the app). If you’re new to Pixelz, the walk-through video below will take you all the way through creating a Pixelz account, placing a retouching order, and publishing retouched images to Shopify.

If you just want to see the “Publish to Shopify” functionality, skip to 5:10 in the video.

How to use the Pixelz Shopify app to publish retouched product images

The real difference for an app user comes after edited images are delivered. An additional “Publish to Shopify” option will be present when reviewing your completed order.

Screenshot of publish photo to Shopify option in order review screen

For Shopify app users, a "Publish to Shopify" option is added to order reviews

When you select “Publish to Shopify,” a window will open that is connected to your store. Your products and detail information will be listed along the left side, searchable by Product Title, ID, or SKU.

If you select a product, its current imagery will be displayed to the right.

Search and select Shopify products and see existing imagery

You can search Shopify products, see existing media, and add your retouched photos

You now have two choices: you can add your retouched imagery to the existing imagery (append it), or you can replace existing imagery.

To append, press the “Add Photo” button.

A window will slide in from the right displaying the images you selected from the Orders page earlier. Select the ones you want to publish, and press “OK.”

Replace existing Shopify product images with retouched photos

You can also replace an existing image with a retouched one

To replace an image, select it from the list of current images and press the “Replace” button that will appear beneath a zoom of the image.

Select the image from Pixelz you wish to use to replace it, and press “OK.”

And that’s it! You now have elevated imagery to increase your conversion rate and showcase your brand across channels.