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The summer holiday hasn’t slowed down our updates to the Platform! We’ve been busy with updates to our AI and User Interface to make your image editing experience even smoother.

AI Masking

AI masking is an important step in our Specialist Assisted Workflow (SAW). SAW is a hybrid flow that combines specialist photo editors and automated processes. As our AI keeps improving we can take steps to further improve the SAW system.

Our latest enhancement of this workflow is AI masking. Previously, an image would only move further through the workflow after QA checks the AI mask. With improvements in the quality of the masks, our AI produces we are able to move the image on to the next editing step quicker. We are making this change to the workflow only after evaluating the process and ensuring that the quality of the AI is high. This means everyone is still getting the highest quality images with an even faster and smoother workflow.

User Interface Updates

We’ve made small updates to aspects of our user interface to make things a little easier as you update your account. These updates include:

  • A more streamlined account settings page
  • Bigger fields for notification emails so now you have space for all your colleagues
  • Fix to the Advanced Image Viewer, comments are no longer cut off

Transactional Emails

There were a few bugs that we fixed related to our transactional emails. Some of our emails showed the amount with VAT and others did not. We’ve fixed this issue and we now show the amount without VAT and this is also explained in the text of the email too.

We also fixed an issue wherein some instances, an email was sent that a folder was ready before the folder was ready for download.

In Case You Missed It

If you’re not a subscriber to our newsletter, you may have missed a few of our updates over the summer! Here is what we were up to over the summer months while you were OOO:


We continue to increase our Automation Rate. We’ve achieved 64.07% retouching automation, in addition to eliminating manual tasks like file handling and re-naming. Isolating tasks allows us to train AI and increase automation incrementally while keeping humans in the feedback loop and allowing our retouchers to work on more value-adding and fun work. We've also improved automation for: Color Matching, Background Retouching, Preparation, and Finalization Steps. With all of these updates to our automation, we are continually improving the consistency, quality, and speed of your image editing.

Image Monitoring

Whether using Flow or our normal workflows, we have increased image monitoring to ensure we react quickly if an issue were to arise.

Hanger Detection

We have added an Automatic Hanger detection, which will allow us to trigger the appropriate workflows for retouching done to clothing on a hanger. This helps optimize retouching and get your images processed faster!

Reach out to your CSM or email if you have any questions about our latest updates.