Automation News
At Pixelz, we’re always striving to provide you with high-quality images consistently. That’s we are constantly making improvements to our platform and AI. In the past 2 months, we’ve made a lot smaller tweaks and fixes to improve your experience. Read on to learn all about it!

Automation News:

At Pixelz, we approach retouching through a hybrid model. We use AI to automate many tasks in the retouching process. Throughout this process, we use quality assurance to review the automated work. If the automated work doesn’t live up to our quality standards (and yours), an expert retoucher will ensure the image meets the standard.

We recently started automating aspects of shadows. Previously, we introduced natural shadow, and now we have turned our attention to Drop shadows too. As recently added automation, natural and drop shadows work will be monitored by quality assurance just like all other automated steps.

In other automation news, we have also increased our automated stencil work. We used to have a manual stencil and an auto stencil step, but now we added a middle "semi-auto" step. This builds on our hybrid model, where we combine a small bit of human retouching work with automation. This means we can automate larger portions of stencil work, streamlining the process and making the retouching process faster!


We have made fixes for the following bugs in September and October:

  • Swatches were shown in the Advanced Image Viewer (AIV) when displaying rejections.
  • A bug with the setting on the users' module "View other users orders".
  • Order status was displaying the incorrect order status.
  • For some users, the Account Settings -> Notifications screen would be blank. This has been fixed.
  • After the recent speed optimizations, we have increased images you can view on the order view to 200 images.
  • Our email validator can now accept longer domain extensions.