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Reflect Your Product’s Worth with Reflection Shadows

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Using reflection shadows in your product images can create context for your customer and a subliminal impression of quality. It is a simple and effective image editing technique that can benefit your eCommerce store.

A reflection shadow makes it look as if your product was photographed on a reflective surface, like a glass mirror. It’s a subtle effect that doesn’t distract from the product itself, and it can make a customer feel like the item is on display in a clean and well lit environment. It is particularly effective for items like jewelry that are commonly sold in stores with brightly lit glass counters.

How can you create a reflection shadow? Watch the video tutorial and follow the instructions below to learn how to create a reflection shadow using Photoshop.

  1. Start with a layer for your product and then add a layer with a white fill background behind that image. Select the white area around your product image to mask out the product from the background. Now refine your edges so there is a smooth transition.
  2. Duplicate your product layer and transform your layer vertically so it is a mirrored image of your original. Position it directly below your product so it matches up to the bottom.
  3. Add a faded gradient mask to your reflection layer so it looks as though it is fading off into the ground. Now add a little blur to your reflection layer so it isn’t as sharp as your product layer.
  4. Finally, to make your product look even more realistic, add a tiny shadow below the bottom of your product by adding a feathered selection curve and making it darker. This will make your product feel grounded.
Reflection shadows will put your product on display and increase its value for your customers.

When done correctly, a reflection shadow will put your product on display and increase its value in the eyes of your customer.

If you’d like to learn about other shadow options, like natural shadow and drop shadow, read our post about shadow styles. Learn how to enhance your furniture and accessories product images with shadows. If you’d like to add shadows to product images you’re processing with Pixelz, add them to your order specifications.

Remember: your product images should always reflect your product’s worth.