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Platform Updates: New Automations, Colorways Add-On, and Advanced Rejection Setup

We’ve been busy the first quarter of 2022 with updates to the Pixelz Platform to optimize your post-production processes. If you’ve been staying up to date on all our product updates, maybe you’re wondering where we’ve been! We’ve turned our monthly updates into quarterly updates to help give a better overview of the updates and new features. We are also pairing our blog post updates with a webinar, where we’ll cover discuss the latest news for both Pixelz and the industry! Find all our webinars here.

Editorial Retouching

Back in November, we launched Editorial Retouching, our new service for high-end retouching. With this new service, we’ve added features to the platform that can assist with this more subjective form of retouching.

We’ve recently added even more new features to improve our Editorial Image Viewer. Some of the updates we have made to the image review experience include making sure images are better aligned in compare mode, zoom up to 100%, and shortcut keys that make it quick and easy to review your images.

Markups are an extremely important process in proofing and editing editorial images. We’ve made it easier to view markups you’ve already made by clicking on the thumbnail image. And you can also view your markups and comments even when the image is in production.

Optimizing Workflows

We are always optimizing our internal workflows and processes to ensure we can deliver fast and with the highest quality. Currently, our First Time Approval is at 99.5% l and On-Time Delivery is at 99.7%.

To ensure those numbers stay where they are at and also improve we offer things such as API, metadata, and FTP to upload and download to make post-production smoother and easier.

For example, we can use the metadata of your images as input in our production process to send the images to the correct retouching template. We’ve made this step even easier by adding Folders to the list of metadata we can read through the API to trigger the correct retouching workflow. Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to learn more about setting up a similar workflow for your own post-production workflow.

Behind The Scenes

We have also made a few other small updates. While they may seem small, all our updates make for a smoother and faster experience for everyone!

  • When a template is deleted you will continue to see the images that were edited using the deleted template.
  • When receiving duplicate images, we always return the already processed image at no cost. However, we would show a thumbnail of the unprocessed duplicate image. We’ve adjusted this so the thumbnail preview is of the processed image.