Last week I visited Vietnam. We have almost outgrown our offices in the central part of Hanoi, so we needed to take action and open a new office. Though this time, a bit further away from the center of the capital.

After considering the pros and cons, we have decided to keep the current offices as well. This means that we can offer our employees the choice between two different locations – the advantages are both obvious and uplifting. The extra alternative gives our employees more options in regards to transport – and many will now significantly reduce the time they spend commuting to work. More than that, an extra office makes us less dependent on the infrastructure, like electricity and internet, and will allow for increased productivity.

Seeing that we have to expand our production capacity – which is great – we need to recruit almost 200 new employees. Luckily, we work with a number of educational institutions in and around Hanoi. Out of these different collaborators, one in particular has made a lasting impression on Pixelz, and on me especially; This partner is REACH.

REACH is a non-profit organization that helps less fortunate youth that find themselves in difficult situations. I have personally witnessed how their social responsibility programs make a significant difference in the lives of these individuals, which is why I hold the organization in such high esteem. REACH offers training and courses that qualifies or improves the skills of these less fortunate young people.

As a responsible company, it is as important to us to generate stable employment as it is to contribute to the employability of certain collective groups in the region. Employability is a feature all individuals possess and refers to knowledge, skills, values ​​and behaviours that will enable an individual to be in the best position to achieve their goals. Our philosophy here at Pixelz is to contribute to the society by sharing one of our most valuable assets: knowledge. This knowledge will provide the chance to develop future professionals among young people who are at risk of exclusion or already excluded from their professional communities. This is why we have helped coordinate the courses REACH provides and have adjusted their programs to make them more suited to job markets actual needs.

Disadvantaged young people who have trouble establishing themselves in the working society, have a steady stronghold in REACH. The organisation is made up of people who TRULY and passionately care – and that is what makes the difference in an organization as such.

Nguyen Van Hoc – Team Leader, Pixelz

Nguyen Van Hoc – Team Leader, Pixelz

Our collaboration with REACH has been a great success for some time now. I am proud to say, that today we have 10 employees who have been through the REACH program. One of them, Nguyen Van Hoc, has climbed the steps career-wise, and is now a valued team leader at Pixelz.

The organization is very important to our business as a partner, particularly now that we need more qualified employees.

They invited me to come visit their office, to witness their progress first-hand, and of course to discuss how to expand our partnership.

As I have mentioned, the visit made a great impact on me. It is amazing to see how a limited amount of funds can make such a huge difference for so many people, and it really does!

This is the exact reason why it was not a difficult decision to sign on, and to help them extend their efforts. I was very pleased to find that their thoughts on our future partnership were similar to my own. All in all, we want to make progress by enhancing the skills and education of the students in the program even further. Together, we will establish an internship program. REACH already has three yearly training modules, with students in classes of 25-30 people at a time. Now, we wish to offer internships to a minimum of five students from each class. We will offer them three months of further training and education, along with a good salary during this extra time. When they have finished this extra course, we will give them the opportunity to become a part of our team at Pixelz. A job with career potential and with great opportunity to develop their skills even further – we all found this to be a great plan.

We are very much looking forward to launch this program in June and everyone at Pixelz is thrilled to be able to help REACH make a difference.

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