Maximize your Apparel listings’ selling potential with these additional product photo ideas!

When shopping for products online, and especially apparel products, customers cannot turn products over in their hands to examine every detail before deciding whether to buy them: fabric, color, the clothing cut. The more information you can provide about your apparel products to your customers, the better shopping experience they will have and the lesser returns you will get. The information you can provide of your products come from two main sources: product descriptions and product images. For this reason, publishing multiple, high-quality images of each product is critical to your online business’ success.

According to eBay, each additional professional product image that is added to a particular listing increases your percentage of making a sale by 2%. If you are selling products on Amazon or eBay, you can upload anywhere from 9-12 images per item, so take advantage of this marketplace feature feature and show off your products to start selling more.

In this article, we will share suggestions to compose additional apparel product images so that you can utilize each listing’s full selling potential.

Photographing Apparel

Fashion apparel encompasses a wide range of styles and details and it’s important to showcase those unique features in your product images. Before shooting, make sure to examine each product to identify details, such as sleeve cuffs, bead work, buttons, or elegant stitching, that you want to display on your product listing page.

Below are some of the recommended angles for photographing dresses:

1. Front and back

2. 45-degree angles

3. Left and right sides

4. Details (fabric, gems, etching, logos)

Taking it one step further

Companies like Net-a-Porter and ASOS have utilized models and video to showcase their products, which gives their product showcasing an added appeal. Including animated gifs and videos along with still product images helps customers to better visualize what the product would look like if they were actually examining it in person. It will also encourage them to visualize how a product might look like if they wore it or how the product would move if they walked or turned.

Here you will find an example of how companies are using moving images and video to showcase their apparel:

Example of a product listing at Click here to see all the images related to this product

Example of a product listing at Click here to see all the images related to this product.

You can also add another extra boost to your site by showing your customer how to complete their full look. Companies like Mango have added an additional feature to their website that allows customers to pair other merchandise from their site together to create the ultimate look.

This not only helps your customer to shop more freely and easily, but it also is a genius marketing technique that will allow you to seamlessly promote additional products in the hopes of selling more!

Here are a few examples of that:

Example of a product listing at Click here to see all the images related to this product

Example of how Mango helps you complete your outfit.

As you can see, there are many different ways to photograph and showcase your apparel products. However, the bottom line is that it’s always best to show are variety of images on your product listing pages in order to give customers an extra sense of security when purchasing from your site. Winning customers’ confidence through your product images is one of the most crucial elements to growing your business and making additional sales.

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