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The background has been removed. It’s time to focus on the product. We are Pixelz.

As a leading expert on all things product image related, we felt the need to more accurately align our brand with the products and services we deliver. We have become much more than just a background removal service, and as we have evolved so too must our brand.

We believe in the direction our company is headed, and are proud to introduce our new identity. Pixelz is a name that speaks to our core strengths as a company: technical expertise, defined products, and seamless integration.

Technical Experts

Our team of expert photographers, image editors, and web developers is the driving force behind our company. We are experienced, diverse, and innovative.

Product Focused

We have well-defined tools that are ready to help you straight out of the virtual box. Our products are targeted, tested, and powerful.


We integrate seamlessly into your workflow, improving efficiency and control. We make it easy for you to professionally manage your product images, all the way from specification creation to the marketplace.

Our New Name and Logo

The Lens

We see the world through the lens of product photography.

The Shutter

We are agile and always in motion, capturing the moment.

The Letter

We are defined by space, by our position at the intersection of art and commerce.

The Pixel

We are always focused on the heart of our company.

The Name

We are young, language independent, and have pixels in our DNA.

Brand Migration

Rebranding of Remove the Background to Pixelz: name, tagline, website

Our Present and Future

You will not experience any change with your account. You will log in at a new page, but accounts are otherwise unchanged.

You may have noticed that we’ve begun rolling out new and updated features like our Order Specifications creator and Quality Inspector. We will continue to introduce groundbreaking features over the coming months to define our company and provide you with unparalleled quality and efficiency.

Our goal is to bring you complete control over product image editing through seamless integration and industry leading expertise. We are the product image professionals.

Stay in Touch!


Twitter: @pixelz_inc