Ending a long term relationship is never easy. You’re comfortable. You’ve ignored flaws for so long you can pretend they aren’t there.

Don’t do that with your post-production processing. Don’t stick with a bad match because it was the first one available when you were looking years ago. Take a second and realize there are other, better, fish in the sea. Say it with me:

“Clipping Path, It’s over. We’re through, and it’s not me – it’s you.”

Clipping Path, you just haven’t been making the effort.

  • You don’t do transparencies
  • Your edges are hard and jagged
  • You don’t get the Web
  • I’m already cutting out objects without you

If not for text wrapping, we’d have been done a long time ago. You just don’t meet my needs. I’m moving on.”

Move on with Masks

Image Alt

Masks are there for you. Masks cut out isolated objects. Masks have pixel by pixel adjustable transparency for soft edges and backgrounds. Masks work with print, are great for the web, and just get it.

Be strong. You don’t need Clipping Path, no matter how popular a buzzword it once was. Don’t stick with a bad habit just because you’ve always done it that way. If you’re not wrapping text, drop it like the outdated tool it is and move on with masks. You’ll be happier.

You’re worth it

Maybe this feels out of the blue to you. Maybe you’re having a hard time seeing Clipping Path for what it really is. Maybe you’ve been out of the Photoshop game so long you’re worried you won’t know how to learn new tricks.

Compare them. Look at them side by side and realize you owe it to yourself to break up with Clipping Path.

Just look.

Clipping Path. Boooooooo!

Old. Inflexible. Annoying. Wasting your time.

Masks. Yayyyyy!

New. Adaptable. Easy. Making life better.

Did you see how much faster using masks was? Can you believe how much time you’ve wasted drawing lines with a pen for Clipping Path? Ugh. It hurts just to think about.

Image Alt

You’re better than Clipping Path. You’re too good for it, and you always have been. Toss that baggage to the curb. Love yourself.

You’re worth it!