May has nearly come and gone with a blink of an eye, probably because we’ve been busy with Platform updates! This month’s updates include minor fixes, updates to streamline your workflow, and the launch of Auto-Pause!

Introducing Auto-Pause

We know that for some of our clients product photography is seasonal. There are times when you don’t need to use your Pixelz subscription that’s why we’ve created Auto-Pause! As the name suggests, Auto-Pause will automatically pause monthly subscriptions when an account has been inactive for 1 billing cycle.

This is a little outside of the box for subscription services but we are determined to go above and beyond for our customers and ensure the best possible customer experience throughout your Pixelz journey - and that includes only paying for what you get!

Accounts that go on Auto-Pause will be charged a nominal fee while it’s paused. When you’re ready to get back to image editing it’s as easy as clicking a button to get back to work. All your specifications and information in your account will be there waiting for you!

If you know ahead of time when you want to pause your account you can pause your account on your own in Account Settings.

Expedite Extension

Expedite is one of our most popular features and we are now extending the expedite service to Fridays. Previously, expedite could only be requested Monday through Thursday.

We are able to extend our expedite service because we currently automate 65% of our workflow! This allows us to ensure that we can consistently deliver you quality images on time.

Seamless Stacking

For easy, seamless stacking of products, we can now trigger a stacking template with the data in the filename or metadata file. Learn more about stacking.

Extension For Advanced Deadlines

The advanced deadline system allows Pixelz to make dynamic deadlines that gradually adjust to match your workflow. With our latest extension to Advanced Deadlines, we are now able to work across 24 hours and make plans that include the weekends. The extension for advanced deadlines is for customers using Flow.

Bug Fixes:

  • The Time-Saving data on Pixelz Pulse page has been fixed as data was not always being displayed.
  • Speed optimizations for invoices and several numbers in the Pixelz Pulse screen.

Reach out to your CSM or email if you have any questions about our latest updates.