We know it takes a team to make every image come to life. That’s why we have created additional user profiles and custom permissions.

You’ve always been able to add additional users to your account in Pixelz but we’ve made it even better! Adding additional users is completely free for all subscribers and easier with our new standard user profiles.

Standard User Profiles

Our Standard User Profiles will make it easy to add your teammates to the Pixelz Platform! We’ve created 7 standard profiles with pre-selected permissions, these include Accountant, Admin, Art Director, DigiTech, Image Coordinator, Photographer, and Recolor.

We’ve set the permissions for each of these roles based on our experience in the industry and learnings from our customers. For example, Jamie from Accounting can easily log in with their own account and access only the information they need. These profiles are locked and can’t be edited but you can always create custom profiles to fit your needs.

User Profiles

Custom User Profiles

You can create new Custom Profiles anytime and assign multiple people to the custom profiles you make. When creating Custom Profiles, you’ll be able to choose which part of the platform users can access and which actions they can take. You’ll also be able to name each custom profile so it’s easy to reuse when needed.

Get started adding your team to Pixelz by following our step-by-step guide in our Knowledge Base!