Draw more. Type less.

Give Retouching Instructions Visually with Pixelz Markup

Have you ever spent so much time writing out retouching instructions that you wondered if it would have been faster to just do them yourself?

Or do you pass endless variants of a “final” PDF back and forth with examples, and maintain a spreadsheet to track which examples go with each order?

You can stop.

Save Time Communicating

Pixelz “Markup” tool lets you streamline communication by drawing right on the image you’re submitting for editing, with color coded text boxes for additional commentary.

You don’t need to draw on every image! We have specifications and an instructions system for editing images in bulk with minimal involvement after setup.

But sometimes you have something you need to be extra clear on, or a little out of the ordinary, and two simple arrows with “remove this” and “keep that” are the fastest way to clarify individual image adjustments.

Product image editing instructions for a suit jacket and dress shirt drawn on the photo

Clarify instructions by drawing on the photo.

For example, maybe there are several props visible in a photo, and you want most of them removed—but not all. Using Markup, you can highlight which props to keep and which to remove.

Use Markup for QA too

Did we miss a spot, or was there something slightly off in the order specifications? Quickly circle a problem area, explain, and send it back for correction.

Product photo of dress shoes with purple, indigo, and red retouching instructions drawn on

Use Markup to perform QA.

What Markup is Not

Markup does not replace our specifications system. It’s an enhancement, meant to be used for unique images or orders. If you have a consistent retouching need, it can and should be handled at the spec level.

If you don’t see a way to setup your specs exactly as you’d like, contact our CS team and they’ll be happy to help. Don’t markup image after image to say the same thing—we want to end repetitive work, not introduce it!

How to Get Markup

If you’re already a Professional subscriber and this is what you’ve been waiting for, you can add it now within your account at https://login.pixelz.com/markup.