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Fresh New Features: The eBay Connector

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We are happy to present a new feature on the Pixelz website:

‘The eBay connector’

Use this tool to quickly meet eBay’s new image standards for your product listings.
We all know that editing product images takes time and don’t get me started about convincing your graphic designers to re-edit product images for different online channels! Don’t worry, the process of meeting eBay’s new standards doesn’t have to be a hassle. By using our new eBay Connector, you can send your product images from your eBay store directly to our image editing platform and our expert image editors will start working on them immediately.

We will take care of all of the boring work for you; removing graffiti, borders and watermarks, applying white backgrounds, and tightly cropping your images.

Your images will be returned to you following eBay’s exact image requirements and you will be on your way to having a great looking (and compliant) eBay store! We offer our same 5 business day or 24 hour delivery on these orders as well.

Improve your eBay images today in five easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a free account at:
  2. Create an eBay Order Specification
  3. Choose our eBay Connector as your image upload option (Enter your eBay details to access your images. Once you are connected we will display your eBay store ID)
  4. Select the images you need to have edited (you can filter your eBay images product category or defect type).
  5. Pay for your images and you’re all set!

Our editors will automatically receive your eBay images for editing and you will be able to download your finished images and upload them to your eBay store in as little as 24 hours. To make things even easier, we can rename your images with their corresponding eBay product ID number so that updating your listings is painless.

If you still haven’t tried Pixelz you can start your free trial today.

All new users receive three images free of charge.