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A Platform for Growth: SOLO, Professional, Enterprise and You

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What do you think of Pixelz’ new look?

I know, I know - you’re not a web designer, you’re just here to get your product images edited as quickly, economically, and professionally as possible. In that case, listen up!

Our latest update is more than just a facelift. It’s a fundamental change in how post-production works for e-commerce, in the form of three plans: SOLO, Professional, and Enterprise.

Why different plans?

As we’ve grown, it’s become readily apparent that our customers have much different needs. There’s a big difference between getting a dozen images edited for eBay and operating a commercial photo studio serving thousands of clients, with plenty of brands and retailers somewhere in-between.

Instead of continuing with a one-size-fits-all approach for everyone but select enterprise clients, we’ve built out a set of tiered plans that will help you tailor Pixelz to your specific needs.

SOLO - New Name, Same Great Platform

Man working on business alone at his desk in front of project wall

SOLO lets you add product image editing to your one-man-show.

First off, let’s stress that nothing is going away. Our SOLO plan is the Pixelz most of you fell in love with: self-service, pay-as-you-go, image editing essentials with a 24 hour turnaround. Remove the background, add shadows, get the invisible mannequin effect, etc.

What has changed, for new customers at least, is a shift to a prepaid credit system. The credit system, with a minimum $25 spend, consolidates purchases instead of creating a bunch of two and three dollar invoices. That saves us on processing fees and allows us to maintain our low prices.

We still offer a three image free trial, letting everyone try out the SOLO system no strings attached.

Professional - Retouching Options, Reduced Pricing, and Next Morning Turnaround

Professional woman working at desk, retail shelves of black handbags behind her

Professional is for ambitious growing professional retailers.

Professional is a completely new plan we’re really excited about that launches January 1st, 2017. It allows frequent users to add advanced retouching options, get images back faster, and save money.

1. Retouching

First off, retouching: what exactly does “retouching options” mean?

We’ve spent years producing millions of product images for leading brands and commercial photo studios, and we’ve absorbed a lot over that time. We’ve seen the habits of the best and brightest, and learned best practices.

We’ve also been serving customers who are just entering the e-commerce marketplace and who literally ask us, “What should I do?”

With Professional, we’re able to answer that question. You’ll walk through a series of guided questions about your product, and we’ll make recommendations for you. At the end of the process, you’ll end up having selected from one of our category-specific best practice retouching packages.

For example, if your product images are on-body blouses and jeans, your retouching selection may include skin retouching to remove blemishes, crease reduction, and symmetrical cuff alignment.

2. Savings

Next, let’s talk savings: a $49/month subscription fees drops per-image pricing by 50¢. That means if you process 100 images a month, it’s a no-brainer -- you’re saving money.

3. Next Morning Turnaround

Finally, let’s talk about those pesky deadlines. All Professional images operate under a guaranteed “next morning” delivery schedule -- that means if your images are uploaded to us by 6:00 p.m. in your timezone, you’ll get them back by 10:00 a.m. the next day.

Screenshot of post-production order system with expedited delivery options

Expedite orders or individual images and get them back in three hours or less.

Need an image even faster? With our new PRO plans, we’ve added an “Expedite” button. Click that little rocket ship on an image or an order, and your image(s) will be back in three hours or less, for an additional fee.

Enterprise - A Completely Customized Experience

Photo of professional photography lighting equipment in studio, from right behind a light with umbrella

Enterprise provides custom retouching, workflows, and delivery schedules for professional photo studios.

For commercial photo studios, major brands, and other power users we are formally introducing Enterprise. Enterprise has grown out of our old Enterprise system and was stealth launched a few months ago to existing customers.

With Enterprise, we’ve taken all the lessons we’ve learned onboarding category leaders and developed a complete end-to-end solution to ensure success. A combination of tech wizardry and experienced professional insiders creates a healthy, modern post-production platform with a human element.

The engine of Pixelz, and Enterprise in particular, is our proprietary post-production system: S.A.W.™ (Specialist Assisted Workflows). With S.A.W.™, we’ve turned post-production into a digital assembly line that allows complete transparency and total control.

Screenshot of product photo in post-production system tracking image editing steps

Pixelz’ S.A.W.™ post-production system provides total transparency for data lovers.

You know where your images are, what’s being done to them, and who’s working on them at all times. Need to rush an image or order you forgot about? You can get it back in three hours or less with a single click.

If S.A.W. is Pixelz’ engine, then people are its heart. Professional onboarding specialists with experience in photo studios help us get your images right, right from the start. Optimizing style guides and workflows through meetings, calls, software training, and regular check-ins by a dedicated Customer Success rep prevents problems, instead of fixing them later.

Enterprise is a completely custom service - the onboarding process defines retouching needs, pricing, delivery times, and workflows. As onboarding comes to a close, our relationship is formalized in an SLA (Service Level Agreement). An “Insights” dashboard helps you hold us accountable for meeting the terms of the SLA, with detailed stats on delivery times and order volume.

Screenshot of pie charts and bar graphs showing product image editing order stats

Insights give you the analytics to hold us accountable to the SLA.

Enterprise also has a suite of Extensions that will be built out over time. “Extensions” are powerful add-ons that fulfill a specific purpose not all clients may have a need for. Right now, we’re offering two Extensions: Colorways and the Client Center.


Product image of model with orange blouse, with overlay showing pantone colors to demonstrate color matching and recoloring

Colorways is a color matching and recoloring extension Enterprise.

Colorways is a recoloring and color matching service for those who would like to ensure color accuracy, or prefer to spin new versions of images in post-production rather than shoot a sample in every single product color. Colorways offers a wealth of features, including:

  • Recoloring (create new images)
  • Color matching (perfect an image)
  • Fabric, pattern and texture changes
  • Color swatch library
  • Pin drop interface
  • Trigger by filename or metadata
  • Automatic chaining of similar images

Client Center

Screenshot of lightweight digital asset management for photo studios

The Client Center is a white labeled DAM solution for Enterprise.

The Client Center is a white labeled digital asset management system for photo studios who want a single system for post-production, image delivery, order tracking, and client communication.

With the Client Center, your clients get:

  • Credentialed collections page with their name and logo
  • Web based image preview, downloads, and sharing
  • Online before-and-after QA tools
  • Dynamic search tools
  • Order status tracking
  • Welcome and how-to emails

With the Client Center, you get:

  • Branded DAM with your logo, color scheme, and name
  • Client accounts
  • Delivery system for edited product images
  • Image hosting at or your own subdomain
  • Order status tracking
  • Client QA functionality
  • Editable automatic email communication

More extensions will be added to Enterprise in the coming months.

The Right Plan for You

So how you know the right plan for you? What if you’re not a photo studio, but are having a hard time choosing between Professional and SOLO?

Well, that’s the beauty of tiered plans. If you’re not sure which plan to start with, remember that there’s a free trial for SOLO. Take it for a test drive or speak to a customer success rep. If you need anything more, you can always upgrade later.

Let us know what you think about SOLO and PRO, in the comments or on social media!